The famous film database, IMDb, debuts in Spanish


The castellanoparlantes film buffs are in luck . No more wasting WordReference every time we wanted to read a review by an Internet user from Wisconsin who had seen that indie movie before its release on Spanish soil . Many are those who have the opinions expressed in the IMDb at the top of the cinematographic reference that, from now on, can be consulted in Spanish .

And it is that the most important database on the network already has its version in the language of Cervantes . The famous Internet Movie Data Base has been released in domain punto es , something that fans from all over the world undoubtedly applaud… Spanish-speaking .


This portal, owned by Amazon , serves to keep cinephiles informed about the current situation, history and opinion of the world of audiovisual at a planetary level . The way to get here has become much debated , since before the much requested Spanish version of the IMDb was released the world knew the Latin version and even an IMDb in Italian (it would be interesting to take accounts of the world population who speaks Italian and the one who speaks in Spanish to give Amazon in the face with the data).


IMDb has become a reference for the popular evaluation of cinema . Although its indexes come to be disputed by some more academic sectors of the sector (the film Perpetual Chain has not gotten off the first position of the top 250 for years ), it is true that the list is a reliable thermometer of the pulse that the cinema has among fans of half the world . Very famous was the case of The Dark Knight , which in its first week of projection came to sneak into the second place , unseating Padrinos, Tarantinos and Buenos, Feos y Malos , although a little later it fell to the position ofsurprising ninth position that it currently holds in the ranking of film history for users of this portal.

Spanish-speakers who register on will be able to access interviews, news and exclusive secrets , as well as being able to act as critics for the films they like the most (or less funny, which also has its point). Anyway, Amazon, better late than never .


Via: Menéame