So you can put lyrics to Spotify songs, we explain it to you in video

The key is in the MusixMatch app. A free tool available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. With it installed on our Android mobile we have access to a huge amount of song lyrics of all languages. And the best thing is that it is automatic. Once we launch Spotify, the Musixmatch application launches a floating bubble with the lyrics of the song . This is always in front, and is updated with the verse of the song. So you don't have to touch anything else, just read the phrase that appears on the screen.

Among the virtues of MusixMatch is showing the lyrics translated into our language . All this without losing synchronization with the song. In addition, the bubble with the letter can be enlarged to read the verses more comfortably. Or make it smaller to continue browsing Spotify without losing sight of every word of the song.

On Windows, Linux or Mac

If you have not yet made the leap to Windows 10, or you have an Apple computer or a computer that runs the Linux operating system, there is a very useful tool. It's called Lyricfier , and its job is to recognize what song is playing on the computer version of Spotify to find the lyrics on the Internet. Thus, it only remains to show it on the screen. You just have to follow these steps to get the program from its download page. It is totally free. Of course, you have to choose which version you need according to your computer.

Once the tool is downloaded and unzipped, you don't need to install anything. Just click on its icon to start it. If Spotify is already playing, the Lyricfier app will only need a few seconds to find and display the lyrics on the screen . Of course, it does not synchronize with the rhythm or the verses of the song. So we have to manually search and follow all the lyrics. Phrase by phrase. What it does automatically is search for each new song that is playing. Although after trying MusixMatch, other functions such as translation are missing.

With Windows 10

Of course, if we have a computer with Windows 10 or higher, MusixMatch is also available. As we have seen in the mobile version, this tool is synchronized with the rhythm of the song to show the correct verse. And also its translation. It's automatic, so you change songs without pressing any button.

In this case we can get Musixmatch directly from the Microsoft Store without having to pay a single euro for it .

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So you can put lyrics to Spotify songs