Huawei E5786, a device to share the LTE Internet connection

huawei e5786

The most important event of the year in the field of mobiles, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona , has not only left news in how many smartphones . The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has also presented a curious device designed to share the user's Internet connection with LTE Cat6 technology , or what is the same, high speed . It is the Huawei E5786 and will hit the market in May , although its specifications and possibilities have already been shown.

It is a device known as MiFi , capable of bringing the user's own Internet connection to up to ten other devices . However, what is truly striking about this device is that it integrates LTE technology , allowing the transmission connection to reach a speed of 300 Mbps . Or what is the same, being able to download a movie in HD quality in just 30 seconds , or upload a video to YouTube in five or six seconds. All this in a compact device weighing just 145 grams and just 15.9 millimeters wide .

The Huawei E5786 supports 802.11ac WiFi connection , 2 × 2 MIMO, 2.4G / 5G dual band and dual antenna . All this with a duration of 10 hours if a high-speed connection (LTE) is offered , and enduring up to 500 hours of operation in standby or sleep mode . This is made possible by its 3000 mAh capacity battery , which is fully charged after three hours . And it is that this device has a technology that reduces battery consumption up to 30 percent more than other similar devices.

huawei e5786

But in addition to offering high-speed Internet connection, this device has a small screen and a button to manage various other issues. Thus it is possible to control information traffic, monitor SMS messages , adjust connection options ”¦ It also has the possibility of linking to a smartphone thanks to the Huawei Mobile WiFi application , with which to control the device remotely, being able to connect to other devices without touching the Huawei E5786.

With all this, the user can have his high-speed LTE connection at any time and place in up to ten other devices . Simultaneously, without interrupting connections at any time for 10 hours, or more if the connection speed is reduced. And not only that. It also has a Micro-USB 3.0 port to transmit data very quickly through cable and not only through the wireless WiFi connection .

At the moment to enjoy these issues you have to wait until May , when Huawei will launch this device in markets in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Russia . At the moment it has only been confirmed that this compact device will arrive in black, without a price yet determined by Huawei .