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Than? How do we get back to the routine? It was hard, right? No need to worry, it's already Friday . It's already the weekend . The well-deserved rest arrives. The relaxation that will calm your post-vacation depression. Your moment of order and concert to be able to assume that summer is over, and with it the beach bars, the beers on the terrace of the bar on duty and the wandering. Makes you want to cry, but let's make it laugh . Like every Friday, we already have our ration of information and memes ready . As English speakers say: TGIF , or thank God (or whoever) it's Friday.

This week has started strong. Political whirlwind in Spain. News, events, a new governmentJAJAJAJAJAAJAJA NO! We continue without a government . Of course, the situation is becoming increasingly unsustainable. A left that is criticized among its own leaders, a right that continues to accumulate corruption scandals. The tambourine continues to sound and the months go by. Will we get to the third elections? Social media users and their humorous memes doubt it and affirm it in equal measure. The good thing is that they do all this with memes.

Meanwhile we have an evolving corruption case. The one that splashed Valencia, and that now has its former mayor , Rita Barberá , in the spotlight. And it is that the Supreme Court has decided to investigate her for an alleged money laundering case when she was in the Valencian town hall. The humorous thing comes when, even after the PP has placed her in two Senate committees to cling to the aforementioned that kept her away from the investigation, now they request that she leave her position and withdraw from the party . Barberá's reaction has been to withdraw from the PP but remain a senator. The justice of social networks has fallen squarely on her and her attitude.

This week does not get rid of memes or the royal family. In this case, it was Queen Letizia, who starred in a disturbing photograph. We do not know the context of the image, but we do know all the memes that have arisen around it. From the typical hungry face after several days on a diet, to references to well-known films such as The Exorcist or The Shining. Thanks Internet for these moments and these laughs .

In addition, during this week the renewed bullfighting celebration of Toro de la Peña has been celebrated . And the fact is that the Castilian- Leon laws have prohibited the bull from La Vega from being launched and killed in public . Now, in the form of a confinement, and without the death of the animal in public, the festival has continued to give people talk. Clashes, throwing live mice at the animalists, protests by the defenders of the old celebration ”¦ and memes, many memes.

Of course, we do not forget the triumph uproar Chenoa and Bisbal, Bisbal and Chenoa. Together. But not scrambled , much to the chagrin of many. Social networks have burned with the reunion of the members of the first edition of Operación Triunfo. But what has filled the glass was the photo in which Chenoa and David Bisbal… THEIR ARMS TOUCHED! The opinions expressed have left us breathless. Because we have thrown it all laughing until we end up on the floor.

And a somewhat nicer story. Nice if you weren't on that train, of course. It turns out that a driver on an Alvia train left 70 passengers stranded in the town of Osorno (Palencia) on his way to Madrid. Or so some media sold it . It turns out that the driver had already fulfilled his working day and had even asked Renfe for a relief. Apparently, the company had not prepared anything, so when this driver fulfilled his contract, and without falling into the illegality of continuing to work without rest, he got off the train and left. Again, social networks put both the media and critical people on their site who were left only in the headline. Oh , blessed cyber justice”¦

But we don't just have news memes and day-to-day events. Throughout the week we have also received many other humorous images that have helped us survive during this return to routine. Here we leave them. Remember that you can always share your memes, GIFs and stories with us through our social networks: Facebook and Twitter .

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whatsapp memes september

whatsapp memes september

whatsapp september memes

whatsapp memes september

We say goodbye until next week. Happy weekend!