The five key features of the ZTE Blade A512

zte blade a512 02

The Chinese mobile brand has been surprising in recent years with very high performance phones . Both the Axon and the Nubia range are highly respected in their segment and are considered by many users as the best terminals in the world. But in conquering the top ZTE does not want to forget the most economical commercial sectors and with which it became known in the European market . For that entry or medium-low range, the Chinese have launched this month (and for now exclusively through Vodafone) the ZTE Blade A512, a smartphone with which to regain a market nichein which competitors like TP-LINK have gained a lot of ground in recent months. We leave you the five best features of a phone that is presented with very interesting news.

13 megapixel rear camera

Although in photography quantity is not always synonymous with quality, 13 megapixels are a lot for a phone in this segment . And with which to obtain perfect snapshots in ideal lighting conditions. A phone that more than meets your basic photographic expectations . And with a more than reasonable storage (32 GB) to store a handful of photos.

Battery with autonomy

One of the main demands of users in recent times: Use your mobile phone and that the battery lasts more than 24 hours. For heavy use, its 2,540 milliamp hours will remain cannon fodder for just over a day. But for a moderate or medium use the 48 hours of duration are a more than plausible objective .

zte blace a512 01

Quick Charge 2.0

We not only want the battery to last, but it does not take hours to fully charge. The ZTE Blade A512 includes the Quick Charge 2.0 feature , a common feature in Qualcomm for about three years and for which we will achieve that after half an hour of charging our battery is recharged by 38% , reaching 50% in 40 minutes. This as long as it is plugged into the mains and not the computer or another USB connection.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Despite the fact that Android version 7.0 Nougat has been in the test version for just a month, the ZTE Blade A512 has the latest fully operational version of Android, 6.0 . At a time when most mid-range, mid-low-end terminals do not care too much about the operating system version (those currently on the market tend to mount the Lollipop 5.1, a handicap for future versions of Pokémon GO ), the Chinese-made mobile incorporates the latest version available.

150 euros

For now, we will have to wait to acquire it freely, since at the moment it is only possible to acquire it with various Vodafone rates . In this way, the terminal will have a final price of 125 euros (in terms of 5 euros, although there are other possible combinations. When it is released in a couple of months, the ZTE smartphone will be available at a price of 150 euros . Competing directly with this new range of mid-range phones at the price of a lower range mobile.