Windows 7, all versions of the new operating system


At Microsoft they love to segment their products into a herd of versions with different extras to try to tailor suits for each customer . The result, however, is usually a hodgepodge of names with which nobody is clear. Windows 7 could not be less than Vista and will also go on sale in several versions . There will be, specifically, six different Windows and not all are for sale or can be easily found in stores . Here we offer you a small summary of the versions of the new Microsoft operating system, which is scheduled to be launched in early 2010and of which the prices are still unknown .

Windows 7 Starter Edition

It is a version that is greatly reduced in terms of graphics and features that Microsoft is only going to sell directly to computer manufacturers . It will not reach stores. We assume that this version is aimed at netbooks, but in reality, the full beta of Windows 7 has already been tested on many ultraportables and it works perfectly . According to experts, the new system gives Windows Vista a thousand turns in agility.

Windows 7 Home Basic

A little more complete than the Starter edition but without all the graphical improvements of the Aero interface , the Home Basic edition will only land in the stores of what Microsoft calls "emerging markets" that is, developing countries whose resources are too limited as to afford a full version of the system. In these lands we will not see it in stores either .


Windows 7 Home Premium

This is the first of the two editions that we will see in stores . It is intended for home users with an emphasis on entertainment . It is compatible with the multi-touch interface , offers "premium" games and support for use as a media center . It also includes networking support and all the Aero's graphical enhancements .

Windows 7 Professional

This edition is aimed at companies and it will not be possible to see it in stores for the domestic market. It has all the functions of Windows 7 Home Premium but with improved features in the network environment , a “Mobility Center” and a “presentation mode” that we presume will improve the use of professional presentations.


Windows 7 Enterprise

How is this different from the previous one? Well, the Enterprise version can only be purchased in volume orders . In other words, Microsoft will only sell it in industrial quantities to large companies that want to renovate their entire computer park . Add Branch Cache, Direct Access, and BitLocker business applications for business use . Otherwise, it is the same as the Professional version .

Windows 7 Ultimate

Finally, the second version of the operating system that we can see roaming the stores at ease . This is the "collector's edition" to call it somehow. It incorporates all the functions of the Enterprise version, but for individuals . Microsoft has already announced that the availability of this version will be very limited because they estimate that it does not represent more than 5% of the licenses.

Via: Engadget / Photos: Burhan Fadzil / haglundc photostream