iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, prices and rates with Orange

iPhone 6s 01

Yesterday we told you that companies such as Vodafone and Movistar had already announced the prices and rates for Apple's brand new device : the iPhone 6s . Well, today we have detailed information on the table about Orange's plans . The operator of French origin could not be left behind, so at this moment we already have a fairly accurate idea about the conditions that the different companies will offer us. In this case, you should know that Orange will make the two models presented by Apple available to its customers . We refer to the iPhone 6s andiPhone 6s Plus . Next, we tell you how to get them with all the price plans and rates proposed so far. The prices that we indicate include taxes (VAT 21%).

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Lets start by the beginning. The iPhone 6s is available with Orange in four different shades: space gray, silver, rose gold and gold and in the 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB versions . The 16 GB model costs 552 euros , but you can pay it in installments of 23 euros for 24 months, without having to make any initial payment. The 64 GB iPhone 6s costs 648 euros and like the 16 GB one, you can also pay what it costs in 24 comfortable installments of 27 euros per month . Finally there is the more expensive iPhone 6s , with 128 GB of internal memory . If you want to put it in your pocket you will have to pay744 euros in cash or sign up for an installment payment of 31 euros per month . Although to access this offer you will have to choose the Ballena rate , which is one of the most complete (unlimited calls and 6 GB of Internet for 42 euros per month). With the rest of the rates, it is very possible that the price of the installments will increase and that you will have to make an initial payment that can range from 60 to 650 euros , especially if you choose a very very cheap rate.

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The iPhone 6s Plus that you will find available in the Orange catalog are the 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB , with some color limitations. The 16 GB model costs 650 euros , but you can also get it in installments of 27 euros per month . The same equipment but with 64 GB of capacity will have a price of 744 euros , to be paid in 24 installments of 31 euros , while the 128 GB will cost 840 euros , for installments of 35 euros , if you want to pay it little by little. As with the iPhone 6sYou must bear in mind that these prices are conditioned to the choice of the Ballena rate . If not, you may have to make quite expensive initial payments and exceed the amount of the base fees indicated here.

If you want to benefit from an extra discount , you may have to go to an Orange store to recycle your old mobile phone . Currently, the operator offers a promotion for which it promises to give you twice what your equipment costs. With this voucher you can benefit from a discount for the purchase of your new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus .

If you place the order online, keep in mind that the phone will not be shipped until Friday, October 9 , the date announced for the availability of these devices in Spain .