How BlaBlaCar's Anti-Harassment and Women-Only Service Works

How BlaBlaCar's Anti-Harassment and Women-Only Service Works

Unfortunately, in recent years, the problems of harassment that women still suffer in many areas have become more visible . And this has also reached the sharing economy. Today the case of a girl who was harassed by a man with whom she shared a car in BlaBlaCar has been released.

The harassment did not occur during the trip. But since the man had his phone, he spent several days sending him unpleasant messages and asking for photos. Now many women flee from these types of services. Carpooling with a stranger can become a real ordeal .

Some users consider it to be a discriminatory initiative for men. But BlaBlaCar defends that it is an option for those women who want to do without male company during their trips. It is the service only for women that BlaBlaCar has launched.

BlaBlaCar, this is how the women-only service works

BlaBlaCar, this is how the women-only service works

To be able to use the service only for women you will have to register in BlaBlaCar. You can do it with an email address, but also through your Facebook or Google account. If you have already used BlaBlaCar on other occasions, all you have to do is log in with your user data.

Women who prefer not to travel with men , especially on their first trip, can register a trip, if they are the drivers. Or they can also search, if what they want is to join a trip only for women. The idea is based, says the BlaBlaCar team, with the experience of the users through this tool.

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To get started, follow these steps:

1. Log in with your username and password . Or with your accounts on social networks.

2. Once inside, all you have to do is access the Only women section of BlaBlaCar. If you want you can also do a search through the usual tool, but in this case you will have to mark the Only women filter . BlaBlaCar indicates this option as valid, but the truth is that we have not yet been able to locate it.

3. For now, we recommend you access the link we provide . Whether you want to publish a trip or want to search for one. Women's tours can only be viewed by people who have registered as women.

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4. If you enter a trip, in the Options section you can mark if you only want to travel with women . In this way, only connected users will be able to see your trip. If you have selected all the corresponding options, it will be enough for you to accept the privacy conditions and click on Continue.

5. From now on, if you have entered the trip, you will start receiving requests. And they will only be women. In the event that you would like to reverse this condition, it would be enough for you to access the trip and modify this option . You just have to uncheck the box.

For many women it is a safer option

The victim who has reported this situation of harassment says that from that fact, he would only travel with women. And her traveling companions say the same. Some men believe that this is a discriminatory option, but the truth is that it is an optional characteristic for those women who consider that this way they feel more secure.

If you are going to travel with BlaBlaCar , it is also important that you take into account some safety tips:

  • Check the opinions of other users regarding the people with whom you are going to travel
  • Respect their preferences and always check them before accepting a trip
  • Contact your travel colleagues before using messaging or calls
  • If you have had a bad experience, do not hesitate to tell us, both to BlaBlaCar and in the comments. If the thing has gone to major, inform the authorities.