Here are a few spectacular 4K videos from YouTube

4K video of Dali

You just bought a next- gen 4K TV . You come home excited to test your new equipment and… You realize that it is not so easy to find native content in 4K yet. One of the platforms that is moving the fastest in this regard is YouTube . A portal that is rapidly expanding its video account at this resolution, and that already includes several options to find these types of videos directly. We bring you a list with some of the 4K videos that you can find today on the net. Don't miss the 4K 360-degree video of Dalí's dreams. Spectacular.

We begin the review with this video that has all the ballots to become a viral phenomenon as the week passes. The boys from the Dalí Museum have produced a 360-degree video that delves into the vision of the painter's dreams. A dreamlike journey that takes us through a magical, surreal world. Float through the desert sand, reach the top of the tower and beyond ... All with the ability to view the video in 4K resolution . We have been wanting to see this clip with a virtual reality glasses, although it is still an impressive five-minute journey through the unconscious.

YouTube's own developers have deployed a dedicated channel to show us some 4K videos (we currently have nine on the list). But in addition, they also bring us another five videos in 4K at 60 fps (frames per second). On a compatible monitor or television, these parts display very smoothly in the image transition. You can see these videos through the following link .

If you prefer to search yourself for the 4K videos that interest you the most, YouTube already includes a specific filter to be able to search for videos by resolution quality. This filter is activated once we have performed a search. In the upper left part we will see a small drop-down menu with the name "Filters". We open it and look for the "Features" submenu (the fourth starting from the left). The option to only search for videos in 4K resolution is the first that appears.

We finish the article by leaving you some of the 4K videos that we liked the most:

A classic. The cameras GoPro sports at its best, with spectacular images of all kinds of activities throughout the globe. And also, seasoned with music that is perfect.

If you want to have a good time watching the trailers of some of the movies with the best special effects of the moment, we leave you a complete list headed by The Suicide Squad , a new twist of Marvel in which some of the most charismatic villains join on a team to save the world.

And for the most football fans, we end with a sample of what 4K recording can give in the coming years of football matches. So far, few games have been recorded in this resolution, but it is likely that this trend will change shortly.