An engineer creates a flying chair that is controlled like a drone

flying chair 01

From the always innovative Scandinavia comes a new invention that we do not know if it will revolutionize our lives, but it certainly attracts attention. Taking advantage of drone technology, this engineer has created a flying chair that can be directly controlled by the pilot.

In a series of videos that the man has uploaded to his YouTube channel as a videoblog, he recounts the entire construction process, from its conceptualization to the result , which we can see in this video. Until today a small channel that is dedicated to uploading a project "do it yourself" or do it yourself. So it is reasonable to think that, far from being a prototype of a vehicle of dubious commercialization, it is a mere hobby for lovers of remote-controlled aircraft.

The great merit of this Nordic inventor is that he has created a flying chair that not only works and can lift the weight of an average human being and that it also works with only eight small motors and their respective propellers. In recent years, multiple inventions like this one have emerged in parallel with the popularization of drones. But the vast majority of them used 50 engines , at best, to get the small aircraft off the ground.

Obviously, the device cannot be considered a drone since to be typified in such a way it requires that it be an unmanned spacecraft. Each propeller is powered by a small but powerful combustion engine, allowing many more revolutions per minute than an electric motor.

According to the creator of this invention, if you follow in his footsteps and make the appropriate investment (we already warned you that the investment is expensive, especially for a product that you will not be able to fly in any public space), you could create a flying element like this. Or if you let your imagination fly a bit, you can make the necessary modifications to give it a final touch that interests you the most or that best suits your needs.

A “do it yourself” for top-level users

We are very used to tutorials either on YouTube or on a blog. But what this Swedish inventor has been proposing to us on his channel for a year (date on which he started uploading videos) are inventions for those who already control all the tricks of Bricomania.

In AmazingDIYprojects you can find from how to build a subwoofer embedded in your wall using little more than your mobile phone, a machine to make flammable soap bubbles or a tea dispenser to leave your infusions to the point.

Unlike many other prototypes that we usually publish as an expert , this peculiar flying ship does not seem to be produced even on a small scale. Not only because of its questionable utility in day-to-day use, but also because it requires gasoline consumption without storage capacity. Which would increase its weight, so it would require numerous modifications to give it autonomy. But if what you want is to debut ...