Octilus custom iPhone cases and accessories

An overview of Octilus custom iPhone cases and accessories

If you like original accessories and covers, and you have an iPhone, you should take a look at the Octilus website. In this online store you can find accessories of all kinds and personalized covers . Even if your iPhone is an old model, you have accessories available. What kind of accessories? Headphones, speakers, cables, chargers, batteries, and even spare parts.

If what you are looking for is a personalized case for your Apple device, you have a complete editor available. It is possible to create a case for any iPhone model and even for some iPad models . Let's take a look at Octilus custom iPhone cases and accessories.

Custom iPhone cases

review of Octilus custom iPhone cases and accessories custom cases

Let's face it, phone cases are pretty boring in general . In addition, almost all of them are very similar, making it impossible to differentiate themselves from the others.

But, how would you like to take a totally personalized case with the image that you want? In Octilus you can create it and they make it for you .

They have custom cases for any iPhone. In addition, they offer different types of covers . We have gel covers that only cover the back, but also book type covers.

How are they customized? Very easy. You just have to choose the type of case for your iPhone that you want. Doing so will open an editor in which we can include the images and texts that we want to put in the case . When we have it ready, we just have to place the order. In a few days we will receive our original cover.

Headphones and speakers for iPhone

review of Octilus earphones custom iPhone cases and accessories

Within the Octilus range of headphones, we have many that are compatible with the iPhone. At Octilus we can purchase the official Apple EarPods , both with a jack and a Lightning connector. The first have a price of 15 euros and the second 35 euros.

But if what we are looking for is something more original, we have the YZSY headphones. Do you like casual models with strong colors? Take a look at the Artists series . Do you prefer a more serious style? You have all the models of the Deluxe series available . Its price ranges from 20 to 70 euros.

You may need it to be an external speaker for the summer. If so, you can take a look at YZSY's Deluxe, Sports or Design series . The price of most models ranges between 25 and 35 euros.

Cables and chargers for iPhone

review of Octilus cables custom iPhone cases and accessories

The cables and chargers may be the accessories that most times we look for our mobile. They are constantly broken and lost, but we cannot live without them.

At Octilus we can find the right cable for our iPhone. They have the original Apple cables, but also YZSY own models. These offer the same functionality but a more modern and youthful design . Your prices? From 10 to 17 euros.

We also have the original Apple charger available with a price of 15 euros . But he's not the only one. The Octilus online store has car chargers and Qi wireless charging bases of various types. All of them with a very contained price.

External and internal batteries

review of Octilus custom iPhone accessories and cases external batteries

And if what we need is more energy for our iPhone, we can opt for an external battery . Octilus' external battery catalog is very extensive. In addition, they have  original and fun designs . And, as if that were not enough, its price is around 20-25 euros, depending on the model.

We can even get original spare parts for the iPhone . It is true that not every user can open an iPhone, but if you have the right tools you may venture to change the battery yourself. If so, at Octilus you have the original batteries for almost all iPhones.

In short, a portal with many original accessories and also a good selection of Apple's own cables, chargers and headphones for your iPhone.