How to check the 2014 income refund

Income 2014

Since last April 7, Spanish taxpayers have the opportunity to download the draft of the 2014 Income to present the return of last year, which is the one that corresponds now to 2015. There is time until June 30 , with the possibility to present it in a practical and fast way through the Internet, without the need to queue at the Tax Agency offices and to go up and down with paperwork. Thanks to this kind of virtual office that the government has enabled, you will also be able to make inquiries about the status of the refund, in the event that this year you have the right to a refund. But, do you know how and where to consult this information? We'll tell you then.

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1) First you have to access the official page of the 2014 Income . From here we offer you a direct access, so you will not need to search too much. This is the main page, where you can carry out all the procedures corresponding to the current campaign.

2) Once inside, select the Return Consultation button , marked in blue. You will find it as a third option, within the Outstanding Procedures area .

3) You can check the return through three procedures: with electronic identification certificate or electronic DNI , with Cl @ ve Pin (old Pin24h) or with reference number and / or box .

4) We recommend that you use the same system that you used to download the draft. However, the simplest way is the one that proposes to introduce the reference number and / or box .

5) If you select this last option, you will have to fill in a form with the following mandatory information: NIF-NIE, First surname and Reference number . The reference number is the one that was assigned to you via SMS using the RENO system . To obtain it (if you still do not have it) you will have to enter the same data mentioned in the form and add the number that box 415 of the 2013 Income Statement contains .

6) When you have completed all this information, you will have access to the status of your return. You may see that your statement is being processed , that the bodies are studying your case or that the return has been issued. When you see this last message, the money should reach your account in a few days. For any other query, you should go to the Tax Agency offices or call the taxpayer service numbers.