The 5 keys of the LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ

The 5 keys of the LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ

your expert RECOMMENDEDLG's new flagship has a lot going for it. And is that the LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ can boast of power thanks to the Snapdragon 855 processor, or images on its 6.21-inch OLED FullVision panel. But it is its Z camera , built with a ToF sensor and an infrared system that attracts the most attention. Other relevant and original points of the phone is the issue of controlling its functions by gestures or the fact of carrying up to 5 cameras designed for different uses. If you want to know it first hand, do not miss this review for its 5 keys. The most important and those that mark the character of this high-end LG. Technical characteristics but also added functions that help it to be one of the most different and risky proposals in the current mobile market.

Air Motion: control without touching it

For LG the future of the use of touch screens seems to happen by not touching these panels . Or, at least, carry out a few functions by simply reaching out to the LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ. Something very practical if you have a dirty hand, or you cannot reach the mobile for any reason. And yes, it also surprises and reminds us in a way of controlling the screens in the movie Minority Report. This was the future.

The 5 keys of the LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ 1

Air Motion , which is how this type of remote control is called, can be carried out thanks to the Z Camera of the mobile. It is composed of a sensor capable of measuring the speed and distance of infrared rays to see what is in front of it. This way you can identify our hand and the necessary gestures to carry out functions without touching the mobile.

We talked about things like changing the volume of a video, picking up an incoming call, turning off an alarm that's sounding, and even opening applications. You just have to keep your hand on Camera Z about 20 centimeters away for a few seconds for the mobile to detect it. Then the corresponding gesture is carried out, and that's it. As soon as you get the hang of it, it is a surprising and comfortable option for handling all these issues.

Hand ID: vein unlock

But the Z camera of this LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ has another ace up its sleeve, or rather under the lens. And it is that its ability to know what is in front of it makes it the safest option for unlocking the terminal. Beyond the fingerprint reader. And it is capable of measuring the disposition of the veins in the user's hand. As you read it: a camera that can see the veins in your hand to know if it is really you who is trying to access the terminal.

hand ID

It happens as with fingerprints, that each user has a different distribution in the case of the veins. The difference is that a fingerprint can be reproduced, but at the moment there are no known cases in which a hand with veins included is imitated. So it becomes the safest option to protect your mobile .

You just have to scan your hand once in the security section of the LG G8. Then you will only have to turn on the mobile screen to activate the Z camera and plant your palm about 15 or 20 centimeters away from the screen. In less than a second the camera scans what is in front of it and, if it recognizes your vein pattern, unlocks the screen to gain access.

5 cameras: with Artificial Intelligence and 3D

Gone are those times when having three or four cameras on your mobile seemed too much. Everything is little for the LG G8 Smart Green, which makes the jump to five cameras. And it is that it has a triple rear camera system , and another with a double front camera .

At the rear we find a 12 mp main sensor (1.5 aperture), another with a 13 mp super wide angle lens (136 degrees), and, finally, a 12 megapixel telephoto lens (2.6 aperture). In other words, it covers the entire spectrum that a user might need. From wide scenes such as landscapes, to distant details that need zoom but without losing quality (up to a 2X optical zoom). And all this without neglecting the Artificial Intelligence that accompanies these photos. Issues such as detecting scenes or people to apply the best photographic settings in each specific case. Or photography modes and effects such as Triple Shot , with which to get a capture of each of these sensors and create curious animations.

5 cameras

And beware that not only photography takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence. The video part is not far behind with 4K and HDR recordings, or the possibility of recording video with portrait or bokeh effect in real time .

Ahead are the two cameras that close the total sum of five lenses. One of them is an 8 megapixel sensor and aperture of F / 1.9, and it is accompanied by the aforementioned ToF camera. Thanks to this duality, the portrait mode gains detail, perfection in the crop and a more natural and adjusted blur effect. And it is that the ToF camera measures the distance with the subject , and identifies it to separate it correctly from the background. All this achieving 3D effects by being able to measure the user's features in detail, something that we can take advantage of to change the lighting, as if we were in a studio and we had spotlights.

OLED FullVision screen

But, even if we touch the screen of this LG G8 Smart Green less thanks to Air Motion, it does not mean that we cannot enjoy it. In fact, it is one of its keys since it has a 6.21-inch panel of OLED technology . It is really large, but manageable due to its 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. So it is more landscape, especially designed to enjoy movies and series in this horizontal format.

OLED display

All this without losing sight of the fact that it is an OLED panel, which implies deep blacks, vivid and defined colors and a good brightness to enjoy all this anywhere. Its maximum resolution reaches the FHD + measure . Or what is the same: 2,248 x 1,080 pixels to show all the detail that our eyes are capable of perceiving.

Also, there are no distractions on the front of this LG G8s. Everything is starring on the screen, with hardly any frames. Only with the presence of the notch or notch at the top, where the ToF camera and its infrared system are located. The rest is intended for audiovisual enjoyment.

DTS X Surround Sound: 3D

And we say audiovisual enjoyment because not all the credit goes to the screen. The sound equipment of this LG G8 Smart Green also has a lot to say. Especially if we consume content prepared for the immersive sensation, such as games or movies. Its DTS X: 3D technology offers 7.1 channel surround sound sensation . So basically it is like having a home theater on the mobile that you are holding.


All this with other audio enhancements such as the ability to stream high fidelity. Issues that are optimized by Meridian, an expert premium sound company with over 40 years of experience.

Sleek and rugged design

But the technical qualities of the LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ are not everything. Another key to this mobile is its design, which is not only elegant and attractive thanks to the glass finish, but is also particularly resistant. The glass gives it a bright and luminous touch, while the sides are metallic to withstand any blow. Its finish is in glossy black, so it goes with everything and is especially formal and elegant. But it is also that it has IP68 certification that ensures protection against immersion in shallow water or contact with dust.


And there is still more. Perhaps the acronym MIL-STD 810G does not tell you anything, but it is a certification of United States military resistance that is present in this mobile. That is, they have tested it in extreme temperatures, they have shaken it, they have rubbed it with sand and salt, and they have even proven that it works in conditions of high humidity and low pressures. And everything works as it should. So be very careful thinking that its shiny glass finish is a weakness.