The 10 most ridiculous photos of our politicians appeared on Facebook or WhatsApp


It seems like yesterday that we voted for the last time. Ah, but it was almost yesterday! Our politicians do not agree , so it is time to vote again. In case you had not found out yet, on June 26 you will be summoned to the polls again , so we will have to suffer - yes, again - a pre-campaign (which by the way is already underway), a campaign, a day reflection, an electoral day and the corresponding hangover, which will then end with a long debate about the pacts . If they agree (which is not at all clear) we may have a government. If not, we will re-launch the electoral campaign and so on to infinity and beyond.

It is clear that our politicians are not serious. We have caught them countless times making a fool of themselves and thanks to social networks and messaging, we have had the opportunity to share these images and laugh behind their backs . Something similar to what they normally do, but without charging. Today we share with you the most ridiculous photos that have circulated of our politicians . Shall we (at least) have a laugh?

You have already seen that the first of the top ten is our beloved Rajoy (PP) . Mariano has an infinity of comic images and the man has a most comic face. It won't be the first we see. Meanwhile, we have recovered a snapshot of  Felipe González.  Another such dance.

Felipe Gonzalez

And here you have it. Felipe González (PSOE)  was president of the government between 1982 and 1996 . Years later he separated from his wife and married another and began a very wealthy life. An image that impacted the media and in which, in our opinion, makes the most absolute ridiculous, is this one in which it rests on top of a yacht. His wife gives him creampie and he smokes a cigar like a magnate at his resort . It is, in any case, a very unsocialist picture. But above all, very little worker. Or not?

Albert rivera

Albert Rivera (Ciudadanos) had a great time the night of the last elections in Catalonia, on September 27, 2015 . He did not appear at the top of the list (he was patiently waiting to make the jump to the Congress of Deputies , in December), but he was at the time of evaluating the results with the media. A gem, right?


The photogenic Rajoy  is legendary, so it's not surprising that these catches so funny, people are encouraged to create the funniest memes. We have not been able to resist this ...

Celia villalobos

And to ridiculous the one that Mrs. Celia Villalobos (PP) did , when she sat in the presidency of the Congress of Deputies . Despite being in a position of responsibility, he did not mind playing Candy Crush Saga . The catch was legendary, although it would not be the first ...

Hope Aguirre

And this photo of Esperanza Aguirre (PP) went around the world, although this is another that is used to being at the center of controversy. The photo of the famous socks was taken after the brutal Bombay bombing in November 2008. After an eventful arrival, the lady appeared to give a press conference in this vein .


And another photo that left us with our mouths open was that of Zapatero (PSOE) visit with his family to the Obama house  in 2009. What attracted the most attention was not the meeting, but the gothic look of the two daughters of the president. A true painting.

Pedro Sanchez

One of the anecdotes of the last electoral campaign was that of Begoña Fernández , the wife of Pedro Sánchez (PSOE). The lady trolled the interview with Í ñigo Errejón (Podemos) , while she assessed how the debate had gone.

Pablo Iglesias

The idyllic walk of Angela Merkel and Mariano Rajoy could end in a nightmare, if Pablo Iglesias appeared among the trees spouting a loud: Ola, ke ase?  Although knowing the spirit of the leader of Podemos , the most likely thing is that he said something a little more forceful.

Albert rivera

And we end with another image of Albert Rivera , the leader of Ciudadanos . His debut was not exactly low-key. Back in 2006 he appeared for the first time for the orange formation in Catalonia and he did it naked. The montage (of Vanitatis ) on top of the shell of Boticcelli's Venus is simply splendid. Or not?

And to you, which of these photos seems more ridiculous? Place your bets, things are close!