Lenovo Y70-70, laptop for gamers with 700 euros discount

lenobo y70-70

Black Friday is just around the corner and Christmas a couple of streets down. The time for gifts and shopping has come. So taking the best bargains at the most competitive price can economically change your busy summer. Get a Lenovo Y70-70 laptop with nothing more and nothing less than 700 euros off its original price of 1,500 euros . Almost a 50% discount for which this complete computer can be yours for just 800 euros.

This is a flash offer from Amazon. Which means that you have a very limited time to buy this computer. At the time of writing these letters, there are just over twelve and a half hours to get hold of this laptop.

An all-terrain laptop

The Lenovo Y70-70 Touch has a 17.3-inch Full HD touch screen (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and a weight of 3.4 kilos (weight of the battery included). It is equipped with a 2.5 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor . It has 16 gigabytes of RAM and an internal memory of one tera capacity.

It also has an interesting number of connectivity, although it does not have a slot for a CD or DVD reader. One USB 2.0 port, two of the 3.0 type, one HDMI port and one for ethernet connectivity . It comes with the 8.1 operating system installed and has a battery with a range of five hours.


For gamer spirits

This computer from the Asian company has been designed with video game players in mind who are looking for a good machine to be able to play with good features without having a fixed station at home . With the Lenovo Y70-70 Touch, any gamer will have the basic components to be able to play without falling into latencies or delays that prevent the normal course of the game.

Your GeForce GTX 860M graphics card gives you the necessary support so that any game can run at high performance. Together with its Full HD screen (the best for playing, although it sacrifices a bit of quality, ensures games without delays) and its large internal memory, we find a laptop designed for gamers but that can be used for any function habitual.

At the sound level, it has a JBL speaker that incorporates a three-watt subwoofer (Dolby Advanced Audio v2). It incorporates a microphone and a red backlit keyboard to be able to use it in situations of bad lighting conditions.

Is this offer worth it?

Of course. Not only because it is one of the recommended products of tuexperto.com , but because it is presented through Amazon with an inordinately large offer for a high-end computer. In addition to the price, if you are looking for a high-performance computer that can withstand the work of heavy programs or you want to buy a laptop for your son or daughter to study but that can also be used for leisure, the Lenovo Y70-70 Touch is a great option.