Alcatel OneTouch Watch, we have tested it

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

The Alcatel OneTouch Watch is a different proposition for users who want a smart watch. This device uses its own operating system that is far from the Android Wear of most models on the market, and is compatible with both Android devices and the iPhone or iPad . In addition, it has a design with a particularity that can give a lot of play. And it is that in its own strap hides a full-size USB outlet that is used to charge the model. All this with some of the main functions expected of a smartwatch, such as the ability to read notificationsthat reach us on the phone, sensors to measure steps or heart rate or a function to control the music playback of the smartphone. The Alcatel OneTouch Watch is available for a price of 130 euros . We have had the opportunity to test it in depth, we tell you our impressions.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Simple and useful design

We are not going to fool ourselves. The Alcatel watch is not the best smartwatch on the market, nor does it use the best materials in its construction. But it has left us a very pleasant feeling of balance and harmony in its design. Like other models on the market, this device can easily pass for a sports watch (we have tested the black and red configuration). It uses a circular silver dial and a black plastic strap on the outside and red on the inside. Users will also be able to enjoy other configurations with a white plastic strap or metal straps. It is not heavy ( 60 grams) and is a good size to fit on your wrist (even if you have a smaller wrist). The only element that seems to us to break (and a lot) this harmony is its closure system. It is not intuitive at all and it can wake us up more than once when putting on the watch. But above all, the element that sets this watch apart from the competition is its charging system. Alcatel has chosen to hide a full-size USB outlet on the strap itself. In this way, we only have to uncover it and connect it to any computer or use it with an adapter for the typical mobile charger (the adapter cable is included in the box). Without a doubt, a connection that will make life much easier for us.

The watch is IP67 certified against dust and water. This means that we can take the watch on our trips to the beach, the river or the mountains without having to fear for its integrity, since it is capable of lasting up to half an hour submerged at a maximum depth of one meter (be careful with the sea ​​water, it must be dried well afterwards).

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Display and control

Alcatel uses a round screen with a size of 1.22 inches and a resolution of 240 x 204 pixels . This resolution gives a density of 258 dots per inch, more than enough for the content that we will see on this watch. Of course, despite the fact that the screen itself is circular, it must be taken into account that the lower strip of it is used as a touch button to go back. To synchronize the watch with the phone, the Bluetooth 4.0 low-voltage connection is used and most of the options are configured through the dedicated Move appthat we will find on Android or iOS (iPhone and iPad). Of course, it should be noted that this connection has failed us on several occasions, which can become an important handicap when buying this equipment.

The handling of the system is very reminiscent of Android Wear , although in this case the main screen is filled with small icons that take us to the different functions of the watch. At first, it may be difficult to get hold of the meaning of some of these icons, but after a while we will immediately know what each of them corresponds to. On the other hand, to see the notifications that have reached us, you have to drag your finger from the bottom up . Unlike many devices with Android Wear, this watch does not have a microphone and we will not be able to interact in any way with these alerts.

In general, the handling of the interface is quite agile and meets what is expected of a budget watch. But the touch button to go back is another story. Many times it does not recognize the keystroke well and it can be really annoying to press again and again until you get it to respond. We have three different brightness levels and the option for the smartwach to vibrate when it receives notifications.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Apps and functions

Apart from reading notifications, the Alcatel OneTouch Watch also has other applications and functions to function as a natural extension of the phone. Of course, the fact of betting on your own system will greatly limit the ability to install new apps and enjoy different features. One of the options that could not be missed was direct control of the music that plays on our smartphone. It is a simple application that shows the specific song that will be played on the mobile in the background, controls to stop and continue the song or switch between songs and a band that surrounds the sphere and that serves to set the volume level.

Nor could the application be missing for sports. In this case, the ability to start walks or runs with mixed pedometer to measure steps and distance traveled, heart rate monitor to control our heartbeats and calories burned. In addition, users will also be able to set a counter to measure hours of sleep. It is an app that can meet sporadic athletes but falls short for sports enthusiasts.

The clock also shows us the weather in the location where we are, with a forecast that extends to the next four days. Another feature that we find quite useful is to control the camera shot directly on the watch . A useful function to take more comfortable selfies or group photos without using the timer. To prevent the watch from being lost, a function is included that warns if it is out of range of the mobile.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Autonomy, price and opinions

The OneTouch Watch includes a 210 milliamp battery . One of the good news that the watch leaves us is its ease of charging connected to any laptop or computer directly via USB. In our tests, we could use without problems the clock for two days with an occasional reading notifications and apps. If you want it, it is available in the market for a price of 130 euros.In short, it is a watch that mixes light and shadow almost equally. We really liked its charging system and the balance of its design. The simplicity of its interface is also appreciated for those users who do not look for great functions in a watch, although this very limitation sometimes leaves it a bit lame. But perhaps the point that can most annoy users is the operation of its touch button to go back, which will be able to end the nerves of more than one.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

ModelAlcatel OneTouch Watch


Size1.22 inch
Resolution240 x 204 pixels
Density258 ppi
ProtectionOleophobic coating, IP67


Dimensions41.8 millimeters in diameter, 10.5 millimeters thick dial
Weight60 grams
ColorsBlack / Red / White / Gray
WaterproofYes / IP67


Operating systemAlcatel's own operating system
Extra applicationsDevice Notifications


Heart rate meter

Exercise app



App to control camera shots

Time (based on mobile location data)


Mobile NetworkNot
GPS locationNot
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0
ConnectorCharge via USB port on the strap itself


Capacity210 mAh
Standby duration-
Duration in useTwo days

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteAlcatel

Price 130 euros