GMX mail, what is it and what advantages does it have

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Email has become a fundamental tool for the day-to-day life of most of our readers. Gmail and Outlook are the undisputed kings of today in this sector, but they are not the only email services that we can find. In this article we talk about GMX , a free alternative email service that offers some advantages over the most popular platforms.

What is GMX

GMX is an email service that we can use as an alternative to Gmail and Outlook from Google and Microsoft respectively. It is a free and easy-to-use proposition, so it brings together the two most important ingredients for success.

what is GMX

The GMX user interface is very similar to what we are used to seeing, this is a good thing, as it facilitates the adaptation process, and we will not have to waste time to understand how our new email service works.

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GMX advantages over Gmail and Outlook

The developers at GMX have focused their attention on a few small details , which allow this email platform to differentiate itself from its competitors. Next, we explain what its main advantages are compared to Gmail and Outlook.

GMX allows us to attach files with a maximum size of 50 MB . If this does not tell you anything, it is twice what it allows to attach in Google's Gmail. This means that GMX is a much more suitable platform for all users who need to frequently send quite large files.

Another advantage that GMX offers its users is that you will have unlimited storage for inboxes and outgoing emails. This means that you will not have the need to delete any received or sent mail, since there is no limit to the number of them you can have.

GMX has put a lot of emphasis on ease of use, trying to convince Gmail and Outlook users to switch to this platform. For this reason, it offers you the possibility to configure your GMX account very quickly to receive all the emails you receive within the Gmail and Outlook platforms .

Security is very important in the business sector, and the GMX developers know it perfectly. This email platform offers encryption technology for messages, much more robust than that of the other alternatives that we can find. Its advanced encryption system is based on a tool that you can install very easily in any Internet browser.

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We come to the last advantage that GMX offers over Gmail and Outlook. We've saved the best for last, so be prepared for what you're about to read next. GMX allows you to use a personalized domain completely free of charge , on the sole condition that it is available, that is, that it has not been used by another user.

What does this mean exactly? While all emails in Gmail and Outlook end in @ or @, with GMX you can customize it to the maximum. Do you want your email to be [email protected]? You can use it for free if it is available.

How to create a GMX account and log in

If you have come this far you are sure to be on sites or to create a GMX account, and start enjoying this impressive free email service. To do this, you just have to go to its official website, and click where the option "Register" appears.

How to create an account at GMX

Enter all the information requested by the tool, click the accept button and you will have your GMX account ready to use. Right next to the registration button you will see the login button.