HP Pavilion x360, we've tested it

HP Pavilion x360

your expert RecommendThe HP Pavilion x360 is a computer that doubles as a tablet. A convertible with Windows 8.1 aimed at those users who want to combine a traditional laptop functionality with its use in touch screen format. One of its great attractions is the ability to rotate the screen on itself up to 360 degrees to find the best position when working with the computer. All this with a more compact 11.6-inch format and above all a reduced price of 450 euros , something that is difficult to find in this type of model with the Microsoft operating system. We have had the opportunity to test this equipment in depth, and these are our conclusions.

Compact format to take with you

One of the main bets of the HP Pavilion is its mobility. And it is that we are facing a team with a compact 11.6-inch format that facilitates its use when it works as a tablet. Its operation is very similar to what we have seen in the Lenovo Yoga of the Asian brand, with the ability to rotate the screen completely until it is located on the back of the keyboard. This versatility allows us to use the x360 as a laptop to use with the keyboard, as a tablet or even place it in the form of a "store" to watch a movie or browse the Internet.

HP Pavilion x360

This mechanism is quite comfortable and we find the x360's build to be solid. The overall dimensions of this model reach 30.8 x 21.5 x 2.19 centimeters while its weight is at 1.4 kilos . Although it is quite manageable measures, it must be recognized that it is a thicker and heavier format than what we are used to seeing in top-level convertible models. Of course, at some point the price difference should be noticed. Another point that clashes a bit the first time this device is used is the area of ​​the screen. And it is that it gives the impression that a traditional tablet has been inserted with a shoehorn inside the upper frame,something that breaks the unity of the design of this team. What we did like the most is the keyboard area, with the use of keys high enough and separated so that it is comfortable to write and we do not press the wrong key every two by three. The trackpad also has a remarkable size that facilitates the handling of the equipment when we are not using the mouse or the touch screen. In addition, we must also highlight the use of the bright red color both on the back of the keyboard and behind the screen and at the junction of the two parts. This shade brings a touch of modernity to the HP Pavillion x360.

The Pavilion x360 panel has a size of 11.6 inches and a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, which provide a good level of detail in the content that we see on the screen. Of course, the use of a "glossy" type screen is somewhat annoying when we use the laptop outdoors as the light is highly reflected. The brightness level of this panel is not very high either, which makes it difficult to use in certain conditions when we are on a trip. In this case, and despite the fact that it is less glamorous, it would have been advisable to go for a matte screen to reduce reflections.

HP Pavilion x360

Advanced connections

Another point that has surprised us a lot about this team is the quality of its connections. And is that despite its compact size we can enjoy an Ethernet port to connect the model to the network by cable, something that this type of convertible usually sacrifices. In addition, it also has a standard-size HDMI output , so you will not have to buy a new adapted cable to be able to enjoy the equipment's contents in high quality on the television.

The connections of this device are complemented by a USB 3.0 port , which achieves transfer rates ten times faster than traditional USB, and two USB 2.0 ports. This will allow us to connect several devices at the same time such as a mouse, a USB memory or a portable hard disk. We also have a slot to insert SD cards and WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connections. Without a doubt, the quantity and quality of the connections of the HP Pavilion x360 make it a very remarkable equipment to perform productive tasks.

HP Pavilion x360

Power and memory

Perhaps one of the less advanced aspects of this device is its power. Although it integrates a good 4 GB RAM memory to be able to use several applications at the same time, its dual-core processor has seemed somewhat limited to carry out certain system functions and during the use of apps. In fact, it has been common to have to wait a few seconds before the computer reacts to certain actions.

In the field of memory, the HP Pavilion x360 uses a traditional hard disk with a size of 500 GB to be able to store our personal files and applications. On the one hand we will gain space, but the speed that SSD disks allow can be missed. As we said before, this capacity can also be expanded through portable hard drives or SD memories .

HP Pavilion x360

Operating system and applications

The operating system chosen for this model is Windows 8.1 . In addition, users who want to enjoy all the news of Windows 8.1 Update can update for free to this advanced version of the system, which includes important improvements such as a shutdown button or the inclusion of the taskbar in all system apps . But above all, the great step of this system has been to generate the impression (for the first time) that we are dealing with a single platform and not two different universes between the main interface and the desktop.

Through Windows 8 , you can enjoy practically all the applications that already worked with Windows 7. In addition, HP has included some of its own tools to customize the use of the Pavilion . Among them, we find names such as the HP Utility Center platform to handle various advanced aspects of the equipment, or HP Connected Music , to manage the music of the devices that are connected to the same network. Finally, several Cyberlink applications are also included to take advantage of the webcam that this device integrates. The truth is that we have found a camera with remarkable performance for video conferencing and applications such asSkype or Hangouts .

HP Pavilion x360


In the field of autonomy, the HP Pavilion x360 uses a 2-cell battery that will give us a usage time of just over three and a half hours with the screen at half brightness. If we use the equipment with full brightness and normal tasks for browsing and viewing YouTube videos, the time is slightly less than three hours of use.

HP Pavilion x360

Price and reviews

The price of the HP Pavilion x360 stands at 450 euros. In short, we are facing a convertible computer without many pretensions that seeks to become a much cheaper alternative to proposals such as Lenovo's Yoga . And here is one of its greatest attractions, since we can enjoy a reliable and versatile equipment without having to make a large outlay for it. Some of the aspects that we liked the most about this model are its complete set of connections or the good workmanship of its base with keyboard, with high and well separated keys to facilitate the task of writing texts. On the other hand, the autonomy is somewhat limited and the processor and hard disk assembly causes its performance to slow down from time to time. Be that as it may, if you are looking for a convertible computer with Windows 8 for under 500 euros, this is one of the best options on the market today.

Data sheet

ModelHP Pavilion x360
screen 11.6 inches with LED backlight

1,366 x 768 pixel standard resolution

Glossy appearance

Capacitive touch screen

Processor and RAMIntel Celeron N2820 dual-core with 2.3 GHz per core


GraphicsIntel HD Graphics
Storage500 GB hard drive
Operating system and multimediaWindows 8.1


Built-in microphone

Stereo speakers


1 x USB 3.0

2 x USB 2.0

1 x HDMI output

1 x Ethernet

Bluetooth 3.0

Headphone out / Mic in

SD memory card reader

BatteryLithium-ion with autonomy of up to 3 and a half hours with average use
Dimensions and weight30.8 x 21.5 x 2.19 cm

1.4 kilos

Price From 550 euros
+ info HP