How to block a sender in Gmail


Do you want to stop receiving  certain  annoying messages in your Gmail inbox ? Are there contacts  you don't want to know more about , individuals or companies? Don't worry, in this article we show you how to get rid of them , it's very easy.

Direct blocking

When you receive an email in your inbox and click on it , you access the message. If you look at the answer icon , just below the printer icon, you will see that there is a tab next to it . If you click on that menu, you will get a series of options, choose the one that says “Block (sender's name) . By doing so, all the next messages that contact sends you will go directly to the spam tray . Here you can see a screenshot of the previously mentioned menu:

gmail lock

Some of you wonder. And what difference does it make then with marking the option " Mark as spam ", if the destination of the message is the same? The difference is that if you give the option "Mark as spam", the message will actually go to the spam folder, but only that message . With the option "Block XXX", all messages from that sender will go to spam.

lock screen

Is there an unlocking option ? Of course, if you return to the same message, which will now be stored in the spam tray , you will find the same menu with the difference that, instead of the option of "Block XXX", one of " Unblock XXX " appears. . Mark it and voila, the messages from that sender will return to the inbox , as if nothing had happened.

gmail post unlocking

Create a filter

With the blocking option, the message is not deleted directly, but is sent to the spam tray , which periodically empties itself . If you also want to make sure that the message from this person is deleted , what you can do is create a filter that recognizes the sender and directly deletes their messages . This is what you have to do: you must go to the gear icon , in the upper right corner of your inbox, and click on it . When you do this, a small menu will appear , from which you must select the " Configuration " option .

gmail settings

We will then come to a menu quite full of possibilities , focus on the one that says " Filters and blocked addresses ". Click and you will enter the menu to create filters.

gmail filter

If you look, in this option we can see all the senders that we have blocked , and we have the option to unblock them . Likewise, what interests us is the option " Create a new filter ". We give it, and then we find a form to fill out. We are interested in the first option, the one that says “From”, because it refers to the sender . There we write the contact in question , and click on " Create a filter with these search criteria ".

gmail lock 2

When doing so, a last menu appears with the possible options, that is, what we want to happen when we receive a message from this sender . The option you have to mark is " Delete ", and after that, " Create filter ". This way, the messages that person sends will go directly to the recycle bin. Bye Bye.

gmail filter 3

These are the two fastest options to get rid of an unwanted contact , we hope it has been useful for you to have a much quieter Gmail inbox in the future.