Sonus Faber Principia 1, pedigree accessible speakers


Sonus Faber is a legendary Italian speaker manufacturer specialized in mid and high-end cabinets, even very high-end, and that is opening the market for more accessible speakers that are even capable of being part of a home theater system. So are their monitors " Principia " a good name for a range of input, the model No. 1 is the bookshelf speaker that costs 550 euros .


The Sonus Faber Principia family motto is " Passion for Music " and the Italian brand has optimized its cost reduction to offer a collection of loudspeakers with a very personal line and good performance . The Principia are in total five models : two compact speakers , two columns and one horizontally mounted to be used for the center channel of a cinema system. All of them share technology, design and construction techniques from the previous Sonus Faber access series , the Chameleon, and that now they are the intermediate step when the Principia reaches the market . What they do not offer is the possibility of replacing the external panels , which gives the name precisely to the Chameleon .


The Principia 1 monitor , the cheapest Sonus Faber loudspeaker right now for its 550 euros , is a bass-reflex box with a rear output capable of working on a shelf, although where it will offer the best performance will be on a dedicated foot. Derived from the Chameleon B , it is a box two - way speakers manufactured as with a front very inclined to align the response of the two paths, and aluminum elements in sight. The tweeter is a 29 mm tweeter with a textile dome, while the mid-bass has a 150 mm diameter polypropylene cone . Hecrossover filter mounts audiophile quality components . The box measures a compact 175 x 320 x 280 mm (W x H x D) and weighs 5 kg . The declared frequency response reaches 50 Hz to 25 kHz , with a sensitivity of 87 dB / W / m and a nominal impedance of 4 Ohms , for a recommended amplification power between 30 and 150 Watts . The feet (optional and recommended) measure 306 x 725 x 370 mm (W x H x D).