IncrediMail 2, free program to manage mail


Incredimail 2 is a different email manager than usual. Bet on the personalization of the visual aspects above all other factors, giving rise to a program full of color, stickers and varied decorations with which to adorn our emails . It is a colorful and fun alternative to the Thunderbird program (although its carefree appearance can also be too cluttered). Of course, as the Mozilla program allows you to manage several email accounts at the same time . We tell you all the details and offer you the download link at the end of the article.

By default, MyStart is also installed as the search engine and browser home page, unless otherwise selected. Once the account and other details are configured, it will be ready to use, and we will find an attractive interface full of colorful icons . In the section on the left we will have the folders of the messages, being able to add folders of different colors. On the right is a powerful message search engine in which the search filters are organized in the form of tabs .


Without a doubt, the strong point of Incredimail is the creation of fully customizable emails , from a collection of more than 100 message backgrounds , to the inclusion of a huge database of emoticons , animations, sound effects and background music . We can also put images, attach files and draw our signature . One of the curious aspects is that when we compose our message it sounds as if we were using a typewriter. Another feature of this nice program is being able to choose an animation that alerts you if you have a new email .

Incredimail is compatible with Facebook . We can see our profile through the program, change the status and share images quickly and easily. It has other interesting elements, such as a bar with the time and calendar and a spam detector among others. In short, we are facing a striking and easy-to-use email manager in which the visual aspect and personalization prevail .