Why is my Gmail email not reaching my mobile?

Why is my Gmail email not reaching my mobile?

Carrying email on the mobile phone is a lifesaver for many people, who from there manage everything related to their business, their work or their studies. Receiving alerts in your pocket on time helps us to be informed at all times of what is happening with what matters most to us. And the truth is that there are many who use Gmail directly to manage both their personal and professional lives.

But what happens when Gmail alerts don't reach the phone? Is it happening to you too? Sometimes the email is entering your Gmail tray, but, as if it were a mystery, notifications do not work on the mobile. We tell you why it can happen and how to solve the problem so that they come back to you .

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Check notifications in Gmail

The first thing we will do is check how you have Gmail notifications configured . It is not going to be that at some point you have made a change. Follow the steps indicated below:

1. First, open the Gmail application on your mobile phone.

2. Click on the hamburger menu , located in the upper left part of the screen.

3. Select the Settings option (it's right at the end). Select the account you want to configure.

4. Click on Received Notifications. Choose if you want to receive all of them or only the high priority ones. Some option may have been misconfigured and that is why you do not receive the warnings. Here you can also configure the synchronization of the Inbox and if you want to receive notifications of all messages, with sound or vibration.

Why is my Gmail email not reaching my mobile?  one

Is Gmail syncing?

It is possible that for some reason Gmail is not syncing and that is why you do not receive notifications. If the above doesn't work, do the following:

1. Access the Gmail application again and return to the Settings menu, as we have indicated previously.

2. Check that the Synchronize Gmail box (within the Data usage area) is activated in blue.


If everything is properly configured ...

Sometimes everything is correctly configured but the notifications stop being issued . What happens then? Users do not receive any kind of notification, but when they access the Gmail inbox they find that there are new emails. If you have checked all the above options and there is nothing wrong, we recommend trying something else. And is that, for unknown reasons, this can sometimes happen on Android.

1. Access the Settings section of your phone (not Gmail, but general).

2. Select Applications and Gmail .

3. Here you will find different sections, but the one that interests us is, logically, Notifications . Check if this is deactivated, because it could be the reason why you are not receiving notifications of your emails. If you enter here, you can also configure other options, such as alerts for app icons and the sound of email notifications.

If all of this doesn't work, it is most likely due to a system problem , unrelated to the settings. A solution that is usually effective in these cases is to clear the application and cache data. This implies having to configure the application from the beginning, but the most likely thing is that you will end up receiving the notifications again and without problems. Do the following:

1. In the Information section of the application, click on Storage .

2. Then choose Clear data or Clear cache .

Set up Gmail again from scratch and check that notifications are already working.