5 tools to make your PC quieter

5 tools to make your PC quieter

Is your PC very noisy and does not let you concentrate on work? The fans of a computer can generate a lot of noise, so it is important to adjust them to obtain the best balance between cooling and silence in their operation. We offer you 5 free tools to make your PC quieter .

Is it safe to change the speed of the fans?

Normally the fans rotate faster than necessary to maintain a good temperature in the PC. This means that in many cases we can make them noticeably quieter, without the processor operating temperature increasing appreciably.

Today's processors can withstand temperatures of up to 80ºC or even higher in many cases, so there is no need to keep them at 50ºC in exchange for PC fans being very noisy.

If you decide to adjust the speed of the fans to make them quieter, it is recommended that you monitor the temperature of the processor and the rest of the components, in this way you will ensure that they do not get too hot. In winter you can be much more aggressive when it comes to lowering the speed of the fans, you can even turn off some of them without causing problems.


adjust fans with speedfan

SpeedFan is a software that we have already told you about on other occasions. One of its functions allows us to adjust the speed of rotation of the fans , in this way we can make them quieter, or even turn off some of them when the tasks we are doing do not demand much use of the processor.

NoteBook FanControl

NoteBook FanControl

NoteBook FanControl is a program that has been designed with laptop users in mind . This application shows us the temperature of the processor in real time. In addition, it offers us a sliding bar so that we can adjust the fan speed to our liking. All changes can be done hot, so there is no need to restart the laptop.

EasyTune 5

Gigabyte Easy Tune

Gigabyte has developed this interesting application to manage computer fans, the only bad thing is that it only supports their motherboards. Its interface has a very flat and easy-to-use design . You can find it within the App Center software center.

Includes advanced overclocking functions for the most demanding users. It also allows you to create custom fan speed curves based on processor temperature. Finally, its interface has simple and advanced modes to adjust to the needs of all users.

Argus Monitor

Argus Monitor

Argus Monitor is a fairly lightweight program that includes a multitude of functions . One of the most interesting is the possibility of managing the rotation speed of the fans, including those of the graphics card. This software will display the temperature of the components, and will allow you to create custom fan curves.

Using BIOS

adjust fans with BIOS

The motherboard BIOS is one of the best tools for adjusting the speed of the fans . In this way, you will avoid the need to install an additional program on your computer. The design of the BIOS depends on each manufacturer, but all of them include a section dedicated to adjusting the chassis fans and the processor heatsink. To enter the BIOS, restart your computer and repeatedly press F12 before it starts up again.

This is it, remember to be careful and keep an eye on the temperature of your PC if you adjust the fans manually.