Functions of the fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Functions of the fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Nowadays, it is already rare to see a mid-range mobile without a built-in fingerprint reader. In fact, even some entry phones already include this security function. The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is no exception, the same as its little brother Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. But its fingerprint reader is not only used to unlock the screen.

There are a couple of extra functions that complete the functionality of this tool. We tell you how to configure the fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and all its options.

Configure the fingerprint reader

To carry out this configuration, the first thing we have to do is go to the phone's settings menu. Here we have to look for Lock Screen and Security. Within the menu we are interested in the option Fingerprints.

If we have not yet configured a fingerprint, we will have to choose an extra type of lock in case recognition fails . The options are: a pattern, a PIN code, or a password. From then on, we will have to press repeatedly with our finger on the reader (on the start button). Up to 20 times to complete the process, and from every possible angle.

Then you just have to click on the Activate option. By the way, we can register up to five different fingerprints.

Functions of the fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

samsung galaxy a5 2017 functions

Functions of the fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Screen unlock

Once we activate the fingerprint, it will be activated by default. Basically, it is an alternative option that should make it more comfortable to enter our Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 while maintaining the security of the device. Of course, it must be recognized that it does not have the same level of finesse as models like the Huawei Mate 9. That means that on some occasions we will be forced to enter the PIN, pattern or password (depending on what we have chosen).

Login web

The function that we probably use the least. This feature is intended to store our website credentials and facilitate entry. However, its great handicap is that it only works with the Samsung browser . While most of the Android users bet on Chrome.

Login to Samsung account

Another interesting option, to avoid having to enter our Samsung account credentials and to buy the apps from your store.

samsung galaxy a5 2017 samsung pay

You can now make payments with Samsung Pay on the Galaxy A5 2017

Samsung Pay

samsung galaxy a5 2017 safe folder

The Secure Folder will protect us from prying eyes

The fingerprint makes all its sense when we want to turn the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 into a payment tool . With Samsung Pay we can match a credit or debit card and pay directly from the mobile. Of course, here we have to remember that, at the moment, there are few banks that support this function.

Secure Folder

This option does not appear in the configuration of the fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, but it can give us a lot of play. Basically, it hides those apps and images that we do not want to share with anyone who takes the mobile by chance (or not so much by chance).

To take advantage of our footprint, you have to go to the Secure Folder settings in the Lock Screen and security menu. In Type of Lock we have to choose the option below Fingerprints. By the way, to use the fingerprint it is mandatory to create a password with a minimum of six characters including at least one number and one letter.