The best PS4 and Xbox game trailers seen at E3

The best PS4 and Xbox game trailers seen at E3

Large companies have already shown their full potential at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, better known as E3. A fair to preview trailers, projects, new consoles or services related to video games that are yet to come. A hype party that has made us salivate with titles of fear, action, adventure and a lot of hyper realistic graphics. It seems that Virtual Reality is back in the background and is betting on the classic titles. Here is a video gallery for you to do your own review of this E3 2018. Don't forget the bib.

The people of Sony have known how to loosen a few jaws in his conference. It has done so by showing gameplay or playability of highly anticipated titles, and also with surprises. But it is still the continuation of The Last Of Us who has won this conference with a trailer that not only shows us history and a narrative of its own in itself, but also lets us see all the graphic improvements of the title and, above all, of gameplay . Very attentive to the combat and brutality that awaits us in this story of zombies and humans.

The Ghosts of Tsushima samurai trailer has not been indifferent either . The title will put us in the role of a swordsman. Of course, beyond the brutality of the combat, the graphics, landscapes, lighting and detailed characters have left us picuetos. The title looks really good.

Hideo Kojima keeps giving Death Stranding something to talk about . If you thought that a gameplay of this peculiar proposal would clarify what it is about or what the game mechanics are, you are very wrong or mistaken. Of course, it leaves us wanting more. What are those creatures? What do these new female characters have to do with it? We continue with doubts and with more desire.

Of course, Microsoft did not sit idly by. He presented first at E3 and continues to bet on shooters and his franchises. Although several exclusive PlayStation games also land on Xbox. The boss is back, although we've seen little about it. This is what the Halo Infinite graphics engine looks like .

During Microsoft's presentation, some presentation images of Cyberpunk 2077 were also shown . You really want to see this title in motion, both for its aesthetics and for the years it has been simmering. Everything indicates that it will be a great game. Robots, humans, futurism, weapons ...

And we can't forget about the shots. Gears of War returns from the hand of Microsoft loaded with action and shooting. The saga has faltered in its latest installments, but it drags a good legion of former fans who enjoyed shooting and grinding Locust with the chainsaw. This is Gears of War 5 , a game with a female protagonist.

Feminine and lethal is also Lara Croft. He closes the trilogy with Shadow of the Tomb Raider , which shows us the most metal and experienced Lara. The origins of what is the icon that we all know. Of course, going through many bad situations and disasters, this time in jungle environments in Latin America. Mexico, Peru and other places to fight against the Trinidad organization, not without facing their own actions and decisions. This is your gameplay trailer.

Those who have grown up with Disney and Final Fantasy have had their own share of trailers as well. They have also arrived divided between the presentations of Microsoft, Sony and Square Enix. We refer to Kingdom Hearts III , which already has a date for 2019, and which will take us to the new Disney films to continue in our quest against the Heartless.

And if you like cakes, don't miss the Jump Force trailer . An amalgamation of characters from different anime in the purest Smash Bros style, but with a more serious cut. Naruto, Dragon Ball, Death Note ... and of course their most characteristic characters come together in a combat title. Of course you want to try it.

Zombies May they never be missing. Even more so when it comes to the zombies of one of the most famous franchises such as Resident Evil. And even more when it comes to the remake of the game that served to forge the saga, Resident Evil 2 . The title comes to the last generation of consoles updated and improved. The trailers seen make the hair stand on end both for nostalgia and for the dark and scary cut that Capcom seems to have given him. We are looking forward to seeing you in motion. We only have one question, is it really you, Claire?

It is a plane? Is it a balloon? Is it Superman? No, it's Spider-man . The few trailers seen of the game to date already made us think that it would be the best game of this Marvel super heroes to date. The new that we have been able to see, with even more villains, only confirms this. We are looking forward to it.

But if what moves you are multiplayer online games (and we are not referring to Battle Royale), keep an eye on Fallout 76 . Bethesda proposes us to return to explore the wasteland, but years before what was seen in Fallout 4. At the moment we only know details that we can extract from the trailer, but the idea is that we will have to live and fight against players from all over the world on the same map . Tempting isn't it?

Just Cause is the chaos game par excellence. Little by little, the franchise has turned to an increasingly open world full of possibilities, weapons and actions. And it is that a magnetic hook never gave so much of itself. Now, in addition to new vehicles, we must add more power and options with this special weapon, and new weather conditions such as tornadoes. Just what I needed in a game where chaos and destruction are the basis of all fun. This is Just Cause 4 .

These are just some of the announcements and content that have been shown during the E3 presentation days. But there is still much more to see and enjoy both on the part of Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. Not to mention Nintendo fans. The video game is still very much alive .