10 hilarious Amazon items to buy or give away

10 hilarious Amazon items to buy or give away

Amazon is not exempt from finding, among its immense catalog, products that draw a grimace of astonishment on your face. Items that you thought could only be found in the most hidden parcel of the most twisted mind. Objects that are for sale and that only make you think about playing a practical joke on a friend. They are real and available on Amazon for purchase. As if it were a mobile, a book or a piece of furniture. Except, in these cases, the usefulness of the products is not too well… defined.

All these products are real and are for sale on Amazon. We attach the link for your purchase ... if you dare to do it, of course.

Elegant testicle scraper

If you've had to read the name twice, we don't blame you for it. Yes, indeed, at Amazon we can buy an 'Elegant Testicle Scraper' and thus pay tribute to all those who tell you that you spend too much time on the sofa. To make matters worse, it is kept in a box that reads "For the busy executive." A product to give or give away, throw yourself on the sofa, and let time pass. Slowly. It can be yours for less than 18 euros. Its silver design, topped by a tiny hand, will be all the rage at dinners with friends.

Elegant testicle scraper

Hot water bottle with penis

A hot water bottle with surprise by [amazon_textlink asin = 'B0052C4GS8 ′ text =' hot water bottle 'template =' PriceLink 'store =' tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace = 'ES' link_id = 'b40b0bc8-72b1-11e7-9de5 -993fbf9ea166 ′] for when the cold winter temperatures hit. This bag does not lack a detail that emulates the color of human skin. It has a normal design, it looks like a regular hot water bottle, but its lower part is finished off by a small circumcised penis that is not lacking in detail. We can even see a clump of pubic hair crowning the device. The testicles are included, how could it be otherwise. A cozy product that will keep you warm in the harsh days of winter.

10 Hilarious Amazon Items To Buy Or Give As A Gift 1

Memory game about breasts

Here we have the typical card game to exercise memory , but instead of funny and friendly animals we have breasts. Breasts of all possible kinds, colors and shapes to combat memory loss. Breasts drawn, with nipple shields, large or tiny ... Test your visual acuity by matching as many breasts as possible. If you are a big lover of breast appendages, this is the perfect gift you can give yourself. You can get this memory game about breasts by [amazon_link asins = 'B00479QX0G' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' d197536e-72b2-11e7-8a40-b33bbca92d42 ′].

memory game about breasts

The Kakasutra

We all know what the kamasutra is. That book of love positions that we use when our life as a couple becomes a bit monotonous. Well, if your relationship with the toilet has become a bit routine, nothing better than this book with postures to go to the bathroom. The kakasutra promises to be the perfect book for when one has to sit in the bathroom for a long period of time. This book can be yours for less than 10 euros [amazon_link asins = 'B00CU316QC' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' 38157700-72b4-11e7-9478-b550b69a2a9d '].

10 Hilarious Amazon Items To Buy Or Give As A Gift 2

Ass Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Give an elegant touch to your bathroom with this toilet roll holder in the shape of a woman's buttocks . We do not know if the hearts toilet paper is included or you will have to buy it separately. The toilet roll holder in the shape of a woman's ass can be yours by [amazon_link asins = 'B00A10BTJK' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' 3f7ca685-72b5-11e7-8482-3d9db04fe662 ′] .

toilet roll holder shaped like a woman's ass

An ideal arm for singles

Or for those who, from time to time, have to sleep alone. Accustomed to having an arm around them, the bed becomes too big. For them this is an ideal purchase. An artificial arm, apparently comfortable, to which they have even added a blue shirt. Lie down and put it to the side: you will never again suffer from insomnia in the long lonely nights in bed. This artificial arm with shirt can be yours by [amazon_link asins = 'B00PW84D08 ′ template =' PriceLink 'store =' tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace = 'ES' link_id = '5e453ea7-72b6-11e7-84e2-b1de59f97901 ′].

artificial arm

Dictators card game

If you have a friend who is a fan of dictators, or who studies history, this can be a very interesting gift. The typical card game of families , but instead of Eskimos and Indians, dictators of the world. For history geeks, card game completists, and weirdness buffs in general. This dictators card game can be yours at the price of [amazon_link asins = 'B003UGQHQ2 ′ template =' PriceLink 'store =' tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace = 'ES' link_id = '1bcde7dd-72b7-11e7-a5b9-bd0562c862a0 ′] .

dictators card game

A pen holder ... different

If you always lose your pen, we offer you a support that will make any mistake difficult. Never has the maxim 'a picture is worth a thousand words' been so accurate as to illustrate this article. On the product page they assure that it comes with sound. We do not want to imagine the sound that issue this poor man when he inserted the pen . This support is priced on Amazon of [amazon_link asins = 'B00B0H8NOW' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' 4a02cb6e-72ba-11e7-86cd-638ceca8fcf3 ′].

10 Hilarious Amazon Items to Buy or Give as a Gift 3

A full body tie

There are times when the best gift you can give a person is yourself. Giving him your time and your company, especially when that friend of yours is having a hard time, is something of incalculable value. Although we can also give ourselves, literally. With this full-length bow we can adorn our body and prepare it for the best possible gift. This tie is priced at [amazon_link asins = 'B0052C4ZAM' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' 7eac162a-72ba-11e7-937c-bfdb24255c11 ′]

10 Hilarious Amazon Items To Buy Or Give As A Gift 4

A box ... for teeth

A box for your children to keep their baby teeth that fall out. The best device so that the tooth fairy does not get confused and can leave the gift to the children under the pillow.

tooth box