Marantz SR6011: home theater receiver with 9 channels, internet and 4k hdmi

marantz-sr6011 black

Marantz SR6011, the latest home theater receiver

The Marantz range of receivers for home theater systems continues to expand and catch up: the SR6011 is the second highest in the range after the SR7011. It includes 9 amplification channels, it is compatible with the latest Dolby Atmos or DTS: X sound systems, and its price is 1,499 euros .

Three-dimensional sound

Thanks to these sound systems (Dolby Atmos or DTS: X) and the internal amplification stages, it is possible to make an installation that offers sound in three dimensions . The two formats are based on "objects" in such a way that the sound technician defines with the editing software what and where it will sound, and the device when decoding it decides how to send sound to the different speakers available to recreate that effect. It contrasts with previous systems: then it was directly managed by which channel the effects were to sound.


In order to reproduce these types of effects, the maximum sound immersion in three dimensions, we will need to install speakers above the listeners (an alternative is those that bounce the sound off the ceiling). Thanks to its internal amplification (9 channels) the Marantz SR6011 can power a 7.1.2 or 5.1.4 system on its own. The first digit of this notation is the speakers in a traditional position (in the same plane as the audience's heads), the second is the subwoofer (bass effects channel), and the third is the novelty of 3D sound: the speakers. Tall. We can thus have a 7.1 system that has evolved to 7.1.2 by adding two channels in height, or even a 5.1 that reaches 5.1.4 by adding two pairs on the ceiling.

The Marantz SR6011 will be able to do all this, and if we want more too: with external power stages (the logical thing would be to dedicate them, if they are powerful, to the main front channels) we could reach a 7.1.4 system (the device has outputs for 11.2 channels). If, as will normally be the case, we have plenty of internal amplifications, we can use those that are left over to power speakers in another room.

Latest video

A Home Theater receiver is the "core" of the equipment and must therefore have great connectivity, both audio and video. This way we will be able to pass through it all the connections and manage the entire system from one device . The Marantz has great connectivity and in particular its 8 HDMI inputs are of the latest generation (version 2.0a) compatible with the HDCP 2.2 copy protection protocol.


Thanks to the ability to route 4K / Ultra HD video signals at 60 Hz, with 4: 4: 4 HDR Pure Color subsampling, 21: 9 aspect ratio images, 3D images and BT.2020 extended color space signals in Each input, the SR6011 accepts next-generation devices . And for less modern sources, the video circuitry can scale content from any input (analog or digital) up to "Full HD" 1080p or even 4K / Ultra HD resolution.


Network connectivity is also complete: Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth , so that it will be possible to send any type of signal from any device. Be it AirPlay, Spotify, internet radio, local files ... sending music in any way will be easy.

And the quality is assured: the SR6011 contains top-quality components and the internal circuitry is compartmentalized so that the delicate sections (audio) do not receive interference from the noisy ones (video). In addition, the audio part does not use integrated circuits but the house's own discrete modules, the HDAM (for “Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module” / Hyperdynamic Amplifier Module).

Regarding the amplification output, they can reach up to 185 Watts each of the 9 available channels , and due to their current capacity they are capable of attacking speakers of up to only 4 Omhs of impedance. The Audyssey calibration and equalization system, in the MultEQ XT32 version, ensures that we will enjoy a balanced sound after a simple configuration following the on-screen instructions.