The ultimate Iron Man costume. Only superpowers are missing


We will never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity some people have in constructing homemade replicas of items from their favorite comics, movies, or books. On this occasion, it is nothing less than the complete Iron Man armor , designed and built to the smallest detail by TMC, a fan of the character who has shown his work in a forum of fans of this superhero of the Marvel publishing house called Advanced Iron . The second installment of this film is being shot and will be released in 2010 . Surely this artist does not miss the opportunity to go to the premiere clad in shining armor.


Before anyone asks, the armor is a unique piece made by hand. There are no copies nor is it for sale. In fact, its author confesses to having spent a whopping 2,000 dollars (about 1,460 euros) just on the materials . The armor is tailor-made for its owner , who is 1.90 meters tall , and has several articulated pieces constructed from carbon fiber molds . The construction process took several months and many trial and error trials that ended up in the trash.


After crafting and assembling each piece, TMC added the details and painted the armor in the metallic tones of the original . Far from staying only in the external structure, the author added numerous extras such as smoked lenses to hide the eyes or LED lighting for the repellants of the gloves and the chest reactor . Definitely a masterpiece, although more than one will think that there are many people with too much free time.

Via: Techeblog