3D Chessboard, a conceptual three-dimensional chessboard

3D Chessboard

Surely, many wished that their lifelong chessboard better reflected the fantasy of an epic scene. The 3D Chessboard is a new chessboard concept created by the Korean designer and publicist Ji Lee that manages to give a battlefield impression to our games . With this board, anyone will be able to demonstrate skill in strategy and in the movement itself, since you have to be careful not to throw the rest of the pieces when you move and have an outstanding spatial capacity to see the plays .

Star Trek fans had already seen Kirk and Spock play chess on a three-dimensional board to kill time on the Enterprise. Now, although somewhat different from that, this 3D board could also delight those of us who do not have pointed ears, although at the moment it is only a conceptual model.


The intended effect, apart from making the player dizzy, is to produce a much more physical sensation in the game. The pieces do not advance but go up and down . The king and queen remain at the top, dominating the battlefield from their vantage point, and the pawns below, advancing towards hand-to-hand combat. 3-D Chess Board is, in short, a curious concept for a three-dimensional chess . The artist and mathematician Escher would have wanted it for himself.

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