How to get a copy of the 2015 income tax return

How to get a copy of the 2015 income tax return

The 2016 Income campaign has begun and it is time to prepare to file the return. Although in the end it is a simple procedure, at the beginning it can be somewhat tedious. You have to prepare the documentation and have everything in order to start entering data or, failing that, check well that the Tax Agency has everything clear .

To register in the system and obtain the reference number with which you can carry out all the filing procedures, you will have to have the information in box 440 of Income 2015 . This means that you will also need to have the return you filed last year on hand.

That you don't have it? Can't find it? Don't worry, today we are going to help you get a copy of the 2015 income tax return . It is not as complicated as you imagine. Keep reading below to get the document as soon as possible.

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How to get a copy of the 2015 income tax return

The first thing we recommend is to do a search among the documents downloaded to your computer. If you made last year's statement through the PADRE Program (now defunct), you may still find a copy on your computer.

You can also ask the manager. If it was he who made the statement to you, he should have it in his files. If you have not achieved anything in either of these two ways, we are going to get down to work to download the document through the Tax Agency website .

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1. The first thing you have to do is access the page of the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency.

2. Once inside, you will see that you can carry out a wide variety of procedures online. In this case, what we are interested in is obtaining a copy of your 2015 income tax return . Choose the option Submit and view statements.

3. When you access this page you will see a list with different models of returns. The one corresponding to the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) , which is Model 100, is the one that interests us. Click above.

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4. Within the Queries section, you will be able to access the statement in question . You just have to click on Query by NIF. You will have to indicate which year you want to consult the statement: in this case 2015. Also enter your last name.

5. Now you will access a section where you will see the list of filed returns . You have it very easy, because if you only have one (which is normal), you will have to select it and press the Send button.

6. The PDF of your 2015 return will then be downloaded . And you already have it. Right-click on it and choose to save. You can store it on your desk, to have it handy.

7. Make all the queries you need. You will find the information in box 440 that you need to request the reference number and that's it.

Ask for the reference number for 2016 Income

Now you have in your hands the number you need to request the reference and make the 2016 Income . Easy right? If you want to request it, you only have to access the 2016 Income page.

1. Click on the yellow button to Request the reference number.

2. Choose box 440 of Income 2015. You will have to enter the name, DNI / NIE, mobile phone and the information of box 440 in question.

3. Click the Get Referral button . In a few minutes you will receive an SMS on your mobile that will indicate the reference number you need to start the filing process.