Frivolo Games, the 10 best FRIV games to play for free from the PC

Frivolo Games, the 10 best FRIV games to play for free from the PC

Sometimes we may want to distract the mind for a few minutes by playing a quick and easy game. Generally when we want to do it we turn to the mobile, since both the Play Store and the App Store are full of them. However, on the computer we can also do it. There are online platforms that include hundreds of games available at a single click . Obviously they are very simple games graphically speaking, that can be played directly in the browser. One of the best known platforms is the one offered by the Juegos Frivolo website.

It is a web page with a very simple interface. As soon as we enter it, we have a catalog of games that we can access by simply clicking on its icon . In the lower area we have access to the game pages offered by the web. And in the upper area we have access to the different categories, thus being able to filter the search a bit by the type of game we want to play. To play the games we only need a browser that is compatible with flash. The pity is that this system means that we cannot play games from mobile phones.

All games have a very simple operation, with the cursor keys, space or perhaps some single key as the main controls. Many of the games are very simple, as they are designed for boys and girls. However, if we search well we can find some titles that can challenge the mind and skills of an adult. So to help you locate the most interesting games, we have made a small selection of the 10 best FRIV games to play for free on your PC .

Super Mario 3 Starscramble

The 10 best FRIV games to play for free from PC Super Mario

We are classics. One of the games that we liked the most about Frivolo Games is Super Mario 3 Starscramble . A platform game in the same style as the old Super Mario games. It features the original (or very similar) music and sounds, as well as the enemies and objects that almost all of us know. A good way to have a fun time.

Tennis Legends 2016

the 10 best FRIV games to play for free from PC Tennis Legends

In Tennis Legends we can play tennis matches with the most famous players in the world. Of course, we will have a caricatured version of them. The game is very simple, but the truth is that to disconnect for a few minutes is very interesting. It has special shots that are achieved with small objects that appear on the screen. It takes a bit to get hold of the controls, but once done it's simple.

Cut The Rope 2

Top 10 FRIV games to play for free from PC Cut the Rope 2

A classic that many of us have carried on our mobile for a long time. In Cut the Rope we will have to cut the threads so that the balls fall into the mouths of the endearing green characters. A very entertaining puzzle game that will make us squeeze our heads.


the 10 best FRIV games to play for free from PC Snowy

If you are of a certain age you will surely remember the game Snow Bros. Well, Snowy is a game that copies the mechanics of this well-known classic but has a white bear as the main character. To advance levels we just have to make a snowball with the enemies and throw them against the rest. A very simple game that increases in difficulty as we advance levels.

King of Fighter Win X

the 10 best FRIV games to play for free from PC KoF

Do you remember King Of Fighters ? One of SNK's arcade and console era fighting classics. Well now you can play it directly from the browser as one of the FRIV games available at Juegos Frivolo. A simple game to handle but that maintains the essence of the classic.

Mario Shoot Ballon

the 10 best FRIV games to play for free from PC Mario Shoot

With some very striking graphics and with Mario as the main character (although it is almost anecdotal) we have this puzzle game. It's called Mario Shoot Ballon and it consists of exploding the balloons that appear on the screen using a cannon that shoots balls. An entertaining game to spend some time hitting the brain.

Bubble shooter 5

the 10 best FRIV games to play for free from the PC Bubble

A classic like this could not be missing from our selection of FRIV games. As you can imagine, it is the classic game in which we will have to throw colored balls to eliminate the ones we have on the screen . As we advance levels we will have more and more difficulty to complete the screens. A very entertaining game that we cannot stop playing.

Fireboy and Watergirl 4

10 best FRIV games to play for free from PC Fireboy

Fireboy and Watergirl 4 is an original puzzle game. You can play two people or one person with two characters. Between the two characters that can be handled, you have to solve the puzzles to reach the corresponding doors. A game that will challenge our minds and that is quite entertaining.

Cookie crush

top 10 FRIV games to play for free from PC Cookie

Do you like Candy Crush? Well, you're in luck, because if you are looking for FRIV games you will find many versions of this popular puzzle game. Among them you have  Cookie Crush , a very similar game but that changes the candies for cakes and cookies. We already know, you only have to match three or more of the same to advance in the game.

Mario New Adventure

The 10 best FRIV games to play for free from PC Mario

And we finish our selection of FRIV games with another Mario game. He is the Nintendo plumber, he is one of our favorite characters and luckily we have many games in Frivolo Games in which he is the protagonist. The  Mario New Adventure is a platform game which will manage Mario and his bat. It is a very simple title, but with quite colorful graphics.

And so far our short selection of FRIV games that we can find on the Frivolo Games website. And you, which one do you prefer?