Barcelona - Athletic, how to watch the game online for free

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Today Saturday two very important games are played. On the one hand, starting at 10:00 p.m. we have Real Madrid - Atlético de Madrid . From 8:00 pm, the fans of Barcelona and Athletic de Bilbao will have the opportunity to fully enjoy their high level of football. It is a pity that both games, like the rest of the Liga BBVA matches , are not broadcast open-air. In fact, all those who want to see the meeting will have to subscribe to any of the payment channels that offer it. If they don't want to or can't, they will have no choice but to watch the football match on the Internet.In order not to miss a single minute of this sporting event, below we will offer you some tips and tools that will allow you to see how Barcelona and Athletic play online for free .

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It is a very important game, so there will be many who will remain attentive to the performance of their favorite team . If you want to subscribe to any pay channel, you can watch the game from the sofa. If not, you will have to look for one of the solutions that we propose below and that allow Internet users to enjoy all kinds of sporting events without having to pay a penny. You have some interesting options: Intergoles , Justin TV or . In most cases, the service uses P2P content transferto offer a broadcast via streaming. For everything to work properly, you will have to connect to the service 30 or 60 minutes before the match . Do not forget to get a picture and clear sound , you 'll need to have the maximum amount of data emission sources connected. This can only be achieved by accessing the Internet in advance and preparing the service with time to spare.

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But what conditions are necessary for the correct viewing of the match? Well, in principle you should have - at least - 1 MB of bandwidth for the connection. You should bear in mind, on the other hand, that the service could ask you for more. Clear any downloads or programs anchored to the Internet that may consume width during the moment of the game viewing. You will surely have to access the service through Internet Explorer , Microsoft's browser , and you must have programs such as Sopcast or Windows Media Player installed . Remember that the service might ask you for the updateof some codecs to facilitate broadcasting. If you want to enjoy the game with guarantees, follow the instructions that are indicated on each page. It shouldn't be difficult for you if you sign in early enough and pay attention to all the recommended steps. Remember that the game starts at 20:00 . Remember that just two hours later you will have the opportunity to see the derby between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid . We also offer you all the necessary instructions to be able to enjoy the game for free over the Internet.