Nokia 1208 - In Depth

Nokia 1208-1

A full-fledged all-rounder. This is the Nokia 1208 , a practical and simple terminal that the Finnish firm has made available to the user in search of facilities . And it is that the bet, judging by the images that we have of the phone, has to do with a thick but resistant terminal , with large keys and a possibly more youthful design than that of other phones in the same series .

In fact, although it is not a very colorful mobile , we have two options: a red housing and a black one , for users who want to go more unnoticed . For the rest, it must be said that the phone does not have a camera or an Internet connection . This makes it a terminal only valid for making calls and sending messages . Behind the Nokia 1208 there are not many more hidden secrets.

Display and controls

The Nokia 1208 is a phone with a reduced CSTN screen or what is the same, Color Super-Twist Nematic . A technology that works in modules and that is specially designed for static images . Unlike the TFT , it cannot support the 16 million colors that we are now more than used to. As we said, the screen only has a size of 96 x 68 pixels and a quality of 65,536 colors . The active area, however, the screen is 28.6 x 23.07 mm . Nothing to do with the current technology in vogue.

The controls of this Nokia 1208 are those that are normally integrated in all the terminals of the same range. It features a large- key alphanumeric keyboard with a matte texture for more comfortable typing . It also has the classic central wheel that gives us access to the main menu, the buttons to hang up and pick up calls and direct access keys to our favorite corners of the menu, such as text messages or the contact list . Said access is configurable according to the user's needs .


The Nokia 1208 is not a suitable terminal to connect to the Internet . Contrary to most current Nokia mobile phones , the 1208 does not have Internet access or built -in Bluetooth technology for transferring files. If it incorporates, however, a connector AV portable hands - free kit IF that runs over standard 2.5 mm .

Nokia 1208-2

Multimedia and storage

In the multimedia section we cannot mention any interesting option . And it is that as we said, the Nokia 1208 is a mobile to call and at most, to send SMS messages . The only configurable option has to do with wallpapers, screensavers and polyphonic tones already pre-installed , of a polyphonic character in 32 chords and quality similar to MP3 .

Other features

The users of the Nokia 1209 can use it as a flashlight , so it is especially convenient for those young and not so young people often go camping . On the other hand, those who have difficulties with the letter , can use the Jumbo font to enlarge the texts on the phone. And finally, it is worth mentioning the feature that makes this Nokia 1209 an all-terrain phone . And it is that in addition to being made with more resistant and durable materials, it has an anti-slip reverse that will prevent it from slipping in our hand.


The battery of this phone has a potential of 700 mAh , which means that it will be able to support up to seven hours in conversation and 365 in standby .

Data sheet

StandardEGSM 900/1800
Weight and measurements102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm.

77 gr. with battery

Memory4 MB shared memory
Camera2 Megapixel

Video recording and playback

Video calls

screen96 x 68 pixel, 65,536 color CSTN 28.6 x 23.07 mm active area.
MultimediaPlay music, videos and photos

Compatible formats: MP3, MP4, ACC and eAAC + Stereo FM radio tuner with Visual Radio

Controls and connectionsNumeric keyboard

On / off key

Key lock / unlock keypad

Central wheel

Rotary Menu shortcut button

Shortcut key to Full Menu

Delete key

Bluetooth 2.0

Portable Hands-Free Connector: Standard 2.5mm AV IF. Integrated hands-free speaker

Autonomy700 mAh BL-5A battery

Conversation: 7 hours / Wait: 365 hours

Photo by: koalazy monkey and Awee19