LG solves the problem of Dolby Vision in OLED TVs of 2016

LG fixes Dolby Vision problem on 2016 OLED TVs

If you have a 2016 LG OLED TV you may have noticed it. These models appear to have a problem playing Dolby Vision through the HDMI ports . The fault comes in the reproduction of the blacks, which appear a little "washed out" giving the feeling of being dark gray. It occurs both in the black stripes that we see in most movies, as in some dark scenes. But, as reported by LG, this failure has its days numbered.

In Spain you may not have even noticed this problem. Why? Because it only occurs with external HDMI sources , like a Blu-Ray player. And, taking into account the little content we have in our country with Dolby Vision, it is possible that you have not appreciated it. However, it can happen if you use the Apple TV 4K, one of the few devices that plays in Dolby Vision.

Although they have taken a long time, it seems that LG has already solved it. According to the manufacturer, they have just released a firmware update that fixes the problem with Dolby Vision . The version number to look for is 05.30.20, 05.30.25 or 05.30.30, depending on the model. The update is for the LG OLED B6, C6, E6 and G6 TVs. At the moment the update has been deployed in the United States and Europe, so if it has not reached you it should be about to do so. The first user comments are very encouraging, as they indicate that the problem appears to have been completely fixed.

Update for LG OLED 2018

LG fixes Dolby Vision teles 2018 problem

Taking advantage of the update announcement for 2018 models, LG has also reported an upcoming update for this year's models . Apparently, the "washed black" that we mentioned before, also appears in the 2018 models. And, obviously, it is also in the 2017 models. The latter received an update, but the problem was not solved. At the moment the owners of a model from last year are still waiting for the solution.

As for the LG OLED 2018, the manufacturer has commented that the update that fixes the problem with Dolby Vision will be released later this month . Let's hope that the 2017 models receive the final solution on the same date. Judging from how the update works for the 2016 models, they seem to be on the right track.

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