Glossy Cover, another transparent and light cover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6Plus Cover 01

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus , the Samsung company has deployed a melting pot of proposals that will delight accessories lovers. Yes, after acquiring the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus , a flagship device that is available from 800 euros on the free market, users who wish to do so will be able to take a look at the complementary accessories that Samsung has expressly designed for this team. We are talking about covers and other types of design covers that will allow you to protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Pluswithout adding any thickness or changing its appearance at all. This is important! The accessory that we want to talk to you about today has been dubbed the Glossy Cover and is very similar to the Clear Cover that we saw a few days ago. But, let's see what are its characteristics and prices in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S6Plus Cover 02

The Glossy Cover is a cover for the back of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that will protect the device against accidental bumps and scratches that may occur on the back of the phone. This includes, for example, the typical drops, touches or scratches that occur with daily use, when carrying the phone in a bag or in any pocket. The front part is unprotected, but the truth is that the glass of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is a highly resistant piece. If you still want to protect your equipment a little more, maybe you should take a look at the Clear View Cover, which does include a protective layer for the front. But what other features does the Glossy Cover that Samsung has developed for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus have ?

It has dimensions of 77.7 x 155.9 x 8.6 mm and weighs only 16.5 grams . Taking into account that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is just 6.9 millimeters thick , you can see that the case only experiences an increase of just over a millimeter. Its appearance is completely transparent, so even if you install it, you will not lose the design that characterizes this device so much. In each corner, of course, you will find a small detail in the colors silver and gold that gives this case a touch of elegance, very much in keeping with the latest designs that characterize the members of the S6 family so much . But the glossy cover is not a simple cover for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge . It has a couple of special features that are worth mentioning. We are talking, first of all, about a covering made of oleophobic material , that is, one that repels fingerprints that inevitably land on the surface of the cover. Second, the anti-scratch system of the casing material, capable of self-repairing them.

If you are interested in the Glossy Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus you will have to purchase it separately. It is already available for 30 euros in the official Samsung store .