Canon IXUS 190, 20 megapixels and x10 zoom in a compact size

ixus-190 blue

Although our mobile phones increasingly have better cameras with which to take great photographs, specialized brands continue to produce their own models of compact cameras , for those who want to continue differentiating what is their smartphone from their camera. Canon is one of them and for this 2017, and on the occasion of the largest technology fair in the world, the CES, it has released three different models with which to satisfy this sector of the public who wants to have their own compact and not go around taking out their mobile every time you want to portray an instant that you consider perfect.

This time, let's focus on the Canon IXUS 190 , a camera compact and very thin in which, above other specifications, features a quality of 20 megapixels , recording HD video in 720p an optical zoom which is introduced into from the body of the machine to 10x and a digital zoom that reaches 20x, with which to capture any scene no matter how far away we have it. A camera that you can carry in your pants or jacket pocket, because being so thin you will not feel any discomfort when you go out with it to take photos.

IXUS 190 main features

  • Very thin and easy to use thanks to its automated tasks.
  • Connectivity WiFi and NFC
  • Point and shoot, forget about setting too confusing parameters
  • 720p HD Videos
  • 10x retractable optical zoom
  • Zoom digital of 20x

ixus-190 black

New and interesting features

In the new Canon IXUS 190 we can find new and interesting functions that will make the experience of taking photos something new and fun, such as the Easy Auto mode : the Canon IXUS 190 itself is the one that selects for you the best mode applicable to the scene you want. you want to portray, calibrating values ​​like lighting or objects that appear in the scene You just have to let the machine do its thing, which will also block all the other options and the physical keypad for you so you don't accidentally press them and misconfigure the camera.

Mode Zoom Auto of the Canon IXUS 190 selects for you the best frame as a photo or video, always offering the best choice for each particular scene, depending on the objects and people appearing in it.

Another of these interesting functions is the Canon Image Stabilizer , a powerful setting that will ensure that your photos are sharp, avoiding the annoying out of focus that spoils all our images. There are, in total, 8 scene modes that can be configured so that the image is in focus, depending on the movement of the object to be photographed.

ixus-190 silver

New date button

In the new Canon IXUS 190 a new date button will be incorporated with which you can mark all the photos that they take with the time and day they were taken. In addition, you can directly share the images you make to your social networks, through the built-in WiFi . Even with this IXUS 190 model you can send the photos with the simple contact of the camera and the mobile phone thanks to the NFC connection .

Availability and price

The new IXUS 190 will go on sale in mid-February at an estimated price of 180 euros.

In short, a very slim automatic camera with a powerful optical zoom for those who prefer to have their own camera.