How to change the Google Chrome startup theme

How to change the Google Chrome startup theme

If you are tired of your usual browser but do not want to change it for another, we have the intermediate solution to give it a renewed air. In Google Chrome we have several customization options, especially if we stick to the home screen. A screen that can be too bland if what we like is some animation and variety. And considering it's Google, we couldn't expect anything else.

Change your view every day with Google Chrome

Thanks to the Chrome Web Store, a place where you can download different add-ons and plugins for the browser, the user has at their disposal different themes or templates with which to give a fresh air to their home screen. If you want to change it and explore the different themes that are available, you must enter the template store and choose the one you like best. Obviously, you must enter the add-on store from the Google Chrome browser.

The organization of the topics that you can select is somewhat arbitrary, there is no index so you will have to investigate all of them. There are dark, minimalist ones, from space, with beautiful patterns , selected by Google itself ... When you have chosen the theme you like the most, click on it and click where you can read 'Add to Chrome'. Then it is very important that you restart the browser, you can do it simply by closing it and reopening it.

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In this simple way, you can change the subject every day in Google Chrome. Remember that you can change it as many times as you want and that the themes are free. Also remember that you must restart the browser every time you change the subject or the required change will not take effect. You can find the topics by opinions, clicking on each point to be offered only topics rated with 5 stars. In this way, you will always be able to obtain the themes that are best rated by the Chrome community.

In order to get the themes from Google Chrome, you must use the Google browser on your computer. If you want to try it, download it and start using your browser every day.