Nikon COOLPIX L320, camera with superzoom

Nikon Coolpix l320

Nikon presents one more model of bridge camera with superzoom. Despite its shape, do not be fooled with this type of camera. It is a compact camera with a very large zoom lens. The fact that it takes this form does not mean that it is a semi-professional camera . Its main value is the lens, which allows us to find the farthest detail in the photo. Other than that , it's a compact mid-range camera, with automatic controls, ease of use, and limited quality.

What is most striking is without a doubt the objective. It is a very long zoom, although not one of the most powerful that we can find on the market. In traditional photography it is equivalent to a 22.5-585 mm lens. A telephoto lens like this can be a lot of fun for some hobbyists. However, some rules of use should be taken into account, and being such a long telephoto lens can cause some handling problems.

Nikon COOLPIX L320, photo camera with superzoom 1

From certain focal points, it will be important to have a very good light. And the fact is that the maximum aperture closes the more we use the zoom, and since the image is so cropped, it is possible that the image comes out shaken (moved) more easily. Therefore, if we are going to use the telephoto lens of a camera like this to the maximum, we have to be sure that we have enough ambient light.

The COOLPIX L320 features a 1 / 2.3- inch- sized 16.1-megapixel sensor. It is a typical sensor for mid-range compact cameras. Size provides more than adequate image of 4608 x 3456 píxele s. However, its sensitivity is quite limited, reaching only a value of ISO 1,600. This means that we are going to have some problems when it comes to taking photos in low light , and we will be forced to resort to the flash in situations such as indoors or sunsets.


It is capable of recording video in HD quality (720 pixels). It is an acceptable value for a camera of these characteristics, although it is no longer difficult to find cameras that record in Full HD quality (1,080 pixels) in this segment. It can be a lot of fun to use the full zoom in video recording. However, it must be taken into account that such a long telephoto lens will cut the image significantly, so if we do not hold the camera very firmly or support it, the video can suffer from that rattling effect typical of the home recordings.

As expected of a camera of this type, the Nikon COOLPIX L320 has several automatic scene modes to adapt the camera settings to the lighting conditions. They have also included some basic retouching options to the photos we just took, such as skin softening, cropping or some filters.

The camera has no release date yet, although it is expected to be available in Europe later this month. Its price is not confirmed in Spain, but we know that in the United Kingdom it will cost 200 pounds, about 230 euros at the current exchange rate.