Panasonic Viera AS650

Panasonic TX-50AS650E

TVs Panasonic Viera AS650 are smart televisions with screen sizes ranging between 39 and 60 inches . These are IPS LED equipment with Full HD resolution that offer brilliant images and very wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees. In addition, they offer a very fluid performance of the images with a refresh rate of 1,200 Hz. All this with some of the most important new features of this year in Smart TV , such as TV Anywhere.This feature will allow us to view the contents of our television from a smartphone or tablet from anywhere with a network connection. Or my Stream , a content recommender that works based on our preferences and the use we make of the television. The teams Panasonic Viera AS650 are already available on the market for the price of 850 euros.

Panasonic Viera AS650

Image and formats

The teams range Viera AS650 use a panel LED IPS with resolution Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and widescreen 16: 9 . IPS technology enables very good viewing angles of 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically. Another aspect that should be highlighted is an excellent 1,200 Hz backlighting , thanks to which fluid images are achieved in action scenes in movies or series. In addition, to process the images it includes a dual-core processor.

Regarding the different formats available, Panasonic markets these televisions in formats that range between 39 inches and 60 inches , passing through 42 inches , 47 inches , 50 inches and 55 inches . A very varied list of sizes to suit the needs of each user.

Panasonic Viera AS650


Although it is not a feature that has the same media weight as a few years ago when 3D televisions began to emerge , many of the mid-range equipment and in general all high-end equipment have this functionality. The Panasonic Viera As650 range is no exception and we can enjoy movies and content in three dimensions through a pair of glasses included with the TV. Another option that we usually highlight is the inclusion of a 2D to 3D content converter . Although it is not close to the quality of native 3D content, it seems to us a curious feature that can give us good times of entertainment.

Panasonic Viera AS650

Smart tv

Undoubtedly, one of the great attractions of Panasonic televisions in 2014 is the significant leap they have experienced in their smart functions. One of the most differentiating features is TV Anywhere. This is a function that allows you to access TV content anywhere via a smartphone or tablet. The only requirement is to have a dedicated application and to have a network connection. And it doesn't just come down to normal TV channels. You can also view the contents that we have recorded on the TV itself, such as movies and series.Without a doubt, a really attractive option for times when we are traveling or away from home. In addition, when accessing our content through the cloud, there should be no problem with the rights of certain content, such as football matches, if we are outside the country.

Another feature that is included in these teams is my Stream . This is a function similar to that of the Samsung content recommender . However, one of the novelties that we find attractive is the fact that the recommended content is displayed in the form of boxes that move in a continuous flow . These boxes are very visual and it is a fairly convenient access. The content shown includes both different programs from television channels, content from apps such as YouTube or even movies and series that we have recorded with the television (and that are available through a USB memory or a connected hard drive).

On the other hand, within the Smart TV functions, the apps of this platform could not be missing. Among the options that we can choose include applications to access social networks Facebook or Twitter , online video stores to rent our favorite movies or television on demand from some Spanish channels such as Antena 3 or La Primera. However, within this universe the undisputed king is still YouTube. This application allows us to view our favorite clips from the sofa and includes a really useful option. This consists of searching the video through a smartphone or tablet. If we are connected to the same network, the app will automatically recognize the device and a simple movement will suffice to see the video on TV. That saves us from having to search the TV manually.

The Japanese company wanted to improve interaction with smartphones and tablets through a function called Swype & Share . Through a dedicated application, we can upload our photos and videos to the cloud and view them directly on television. In addition, we also have an advanced function with which files are saved directly on the television, without wasting the space on the phone.

Panasonic Viera AS650

Connectivity and remote control

The televisions of the Panasonic Viera AS650 range can be connected to the network both via an Ethernet cable and via WiFi connection to avoid cable clutter. The connections also include three HDMI ports for connecting various devices such as computers or tablets. One of the aspects that are very useful is the presence of two USB ports. Users can insert a USB memory or a hard disk to record TV content or view the multimedia files that we have stored.

Panasonic Viera smart TVs use a touch control that we already highlighted for the past year. And it is that once we get used to the handling of this device it becomes a very agile tool. In addition to the touch panel, we have a few buttons that are the ones that lead to the different options of the equipment. For users who prefer a more classic handling, a traditional type knob is also included.

Panasonic Viera AS650

Price and reviews

The price of Panasonic Viera AS650 TVs starts at around 850 euros . In short, these are models that move between 39 and 60 inches with Full HD resolution and advanced image processing. One of the most outstanding points of these teams are the improvements they have experienced in smart functions, with features like TV Anywhere. This option allows us to enjoy the contents of the TV on a smartphone or tablet that has access to the network, regardless of where we are in the world. Or my Stream , a stream with various personalized recommendations.

Data sheet

ModelsPanasonic Viera AS650 range
Screen diagonal39, 42, 47, 50, 55 and 60 inches
ResolutionFull HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels)
3DPassive 3D

2D to 3D converter

Soda1,200 Hz
Sound2 x 10W speakers

Total output power: 20W

FeaturesSmart tv

My Stream content recommender

TV Anywhere

Voice assistant


Swype & Share

Connectivity3 HDMI inputs

SDXC card slot

2 x USB 2.0



A pair of 3D glasses

Component input

Swype & Share to play content from smartphones and tablets


Facebook and Twitter

Integrated browser


Television on demand

ControlTouch control

Voice control assistant

Price From 850 euros
+ infoPanasonic