How to find and leave WhatsApp groups that you no longer use

How to find and leave WhatsApp groups that you no longer use

WhatsApp groups seemed like an innocent resource to share things, have a laugh and even transfer useful information, but it is seen that over time (and not much has happened), groups are like neighboring yards. Worst of all, they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And what's worse: we don't have just one, but dozens of them demanding our time and attention.

At this point in the movie we have a couple of options. The first, more sibylline and discreet, is to silence the groups that are most annoying to us . We can make the quiet time as long as a year. However, and although we do not receive notifications at all times, we will continue to see that there are pending notifications. And most likely, you will have to attend to the messages at one point or another.

The second option, surely more radical (but comforting like few things in this life) is to disappear from the groups. Abandon them. Go out and slam the final door. You can do this in many ways: saying goodbye nicely, saying goodbye less kindly or, as a last resort, saying goodbye French. That is, by exiting the forum.

In all cases you may run into a problem: the difficulty of cleaning the groups. You may have some very present (because they are your daily nightmare). But, what about those groups to which you belong, but which you didn't even remember anymore? We help you find them, get rid of them and stay in peace.


How to find the WhatsApp groups you are in

It is not easy, because WhatsApp does not have a specific section in which it offers a list of all the groups in which you are. So you have to look for a formula to find them. And maybe (you should be clear about it) some of the groups you are in, but that you never use, you miss it.

Be that as it may, our recommendation is that you go to the profiles of the people with whom you usually interact and with whom you have groups in common. Access one of them and click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the chat to select View contact.

In addition to seeing the contact information, if you scroll to the bottom, you will find a section that reads Groups in common . In this way, you can see part of the groups you share. You can do the same with different contacts to ensure that you get a broader account of the number of groups that you are in.

If you locate the group in the chats section , you still have it easier. In this case, you just have to access the chat of the group in question, click on the options menu and choose Exit the group. Nothing else.

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You just have to open the door and get out

Well, you don't have to think twice. If you find a group you want to leave as soon as possible, click on it, from the section in which you are. You will access the chat screen of that group and you will only have to take the step.

Choose your farewell: if you want it to be justified or if you prefer to leave without saying a word . If it's one of those desert groups, chances are that no one will notice that you've left. Click on the three dots in the upper corner and select Group information.

Once inside this screen, scroll down and click on the magic button: Exit the group . You will receive one last notification, in case at the last moment you decide that it is better to stay (in these cases it is always better to run forward and not look back). If you have it clear, click the exit button.

From that moment on, you will have access to the messages that had been written up to the moment of your departure , but logically, not to the later ones. If you want to completely get rid of the group, you just have to delete the conversation.