Bose SoundTrue Ultra

Bose SoundTrue Ultra

Bose SoundTrue Ultra The Bose SoundTrue Ultra are closed-type internal headphones designed by the American multinational so that we can concentrate on our music with the least possible ambient noise. This is achieved thanks to its sealed design and the SoundHear adapters that attach to the inner contour of our ears to maintain the best placement of the headphones even when we are walking or running. These new SoundTrue are also resistant to sweat and rain , and include a practical three-button remote control so that we can control the reproduction of our music or answer calls through its built-in microphone.. They are available in colors black and white , and in specific versions for iOS or Android , and its price is about 150 euros . Read on to find out more about these cool headphones.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra


Although a priori in-ear or in-ear headphones have little to say in the design section, there is no doubt that in this case the brand image is noticeable. And it is that the SoundTrue Ultra are premium-looking headphones that have different details that apart from their practical function visibly reveal their origin. We refer for example to the base or point of union of the cables from the headphones, a minor detail but which is very comfortable since it conveniently separates each of the cables, helping to keep them tidy and even avoiding mess when folding them .

Bose SoundTrue Ultra

But without a doubt, the most important design detail of the new SoundTrue Ultra is the use of the StayHear Ultra rubber mounts or adapters.. These pieces have a kind of wing that fits snugly in our ears while holding each of the headphones to prevent them from moving, while keeping them in the correct position. Apart from the comfort of the fact that the headphones do not move or fall, their position inside the ear is very important, since the slightest movement can cause a loss of quality in the reproduction, especially in the frequencies serious. This is a fairly common complaint among users who prefer normal earbuds to internal ones that must be fitted inside the ear, since if the position is not correct the loss of punch and depth in the sound is quite evident. StayHear adapters come standard with theSoundTrue Ultra in three sizes, S, M and L , to seamlessly fit the ears of all users.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra

As for their physical data, SoundTrue Ultra incorporate a cable 122 cm in length connector ends Minijack 3.5 mm of the whcih its completely straight, as the connectors in L other headsets can be annoying when using them with some mobiles. Their total weight is 17.90 grams , so they are quite light, and in addition to the StayHear adapters they include a clip so that we can attach the cable to clothing and prevent it from moving when walking. They are available in black or white and come with a stylish carrying case. so that we can carry them comfortably in our backpack or bag without having to worry about if they get bundled with another of our accessories.

Noise control

One of the main reasons for being the new SoundTrue Ultra is its closed design. This is the main difference of this model with respect to other Bose headphones of this style such as the SoundSport , which although they are similar in design to our protagonists, have an open type construction that lets sound in. This is a problem in noisy environments, such as train or subway stations, airports, airplane cabins, etc., so the SoundTrue UltraThey correct this problem with their closed concept that attenuates outside noise so that we can immerse ourselves in our music with the least possible distractions. This should not be confused with the active noise cancellation technology that other models equip, since this is a more complex system that needs battery power and that moves in other price ranges.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra


Another interesting feature of the SoundTrue Ultra is its resistance to rain, humidity and, of course, sweat. Thanks to this, Bose ensures great durability, since the headphones will last much longer both aesthetically and performance. In addition, we can go for a run or exercise with them without having to worry about sweat or possible inclement weather. Of course, if we plan to use them mainly when going out to sweat, Bose recommends that we opt for the SoundSport , headphones that have been specifically designed for use during sports activities.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra

For iOS or Samsung / Android

As in other North American headphone models, the SoundTrue Ultra are available in two versions, depending on whether they are compatible with iOS or Samsung / Android devices . Bose reminds us that in the case of the Samsung / Android version , the headphones work with most Samsung devices , as well as with certain Android devices , although it does not specify which ones. However, it must be remembered that this compatibility only affects the three-button controller incorporated in the cable, in no case the sound of the equipment. Thus, all versions of theSoundTrue Ultra can be used with any player that includes a headphone output. It is when using the controller to raise or lower the volume, change tracks or answer calls when differences arrive, because the controller buttons are assigned to specific functions of each of the platforms. Thus, the only problem that we can find if we use SoundTrue for iOS on an Android phone or tablet will be that we will not be able to use the buttons on the remote to control our music or manage calls.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra

ModelSoundTrue Ultra
TypologyHands-free in-ear headphones and controller for iOS and Samsung / Android devices
ControllerFor music and calls, included in the cable

Compatibility with Samsung / Android or iOS devices, depending on the version chosen

MicrophoneBuilt-in controller
RestraintIn-ear headphones with StayHear Ultra support system
Cable length122 centimeters
Accessories included3 pairs of StayHear Ultra rubbers (S, M, L)

Carrying case

Clothes clip

StayHear Ultra rubber dimensions3.18 cm high x 2.54 cm wide x 1.27 cm deep
Case dimensions9.01 cm high x 6.85 cm wide x 2.28 cm deep
Clothes clip dimensions2.54 cm high x 0.635 cm wide x 1.27 cm deep
Weight17.90 grams
Manufacturer's websiteBose

Price: 150 euros 

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