Vodafone SafetyNet protects the Android smartphone from children

vodafone safetynet

Vodafone has just introduced a new free application of security . It's called Vodafone SafetyNet , and it helps parents who want to protect their children from the risks of mobile phones . It is available for smartphones with Android operating system . It can be downloaded from the Android Market, but also from the Vodafone application store. Likewise, it is part of the Vodafone Update application.

Once installed on the smartphone , the father or mother will be able to set limits on the use of the mobile phone , not only by functions , but also by hours . In this way, it is possible to block, for example, Internet access during school hours. To prevent the child from changing the settings, the application is protected with a password .

vodafone safetynet

Parents can block features of the smartphone like camera , connectivity Bluetooth or Wi-Fi . They can also prevent the use of specific applications such as the Internet browser. For young children it may be useful to restrict outgoing calls and messages (SMS and MMS) so that they can only be addressed to certain phone numbers established by the parent. Likewise, it is possible to restrict incoming calls and messages , so that they can only come from certain phone numbers.

For cyberbullying cases, parents can configure the application to save blocked short messages in a file for their eyes only. If this Christmas, parents or grandparents plan to give an Android mobile phone to their children, the ideal would be that, before giving it to them, they already have the Vodafone SafetyNet application installed and configured with the appropriate restrictions for the minor's age . Later, they can be modified as it grows.