The best Eurovision memes to share on WhatsApp

The best Eurovision memes to share on WhatsApp

You could see it coming . According to the bets, Spain would finish in the last place of Eurovision. But an unfortunate rooster in the final stretch of the song made Manel Navarro's performance detract even more and social networks were filled with memes that are worth sharing on WhatsApp.

The song chosen by Spain, 'Do it for your lover', garnered zero points from the professional jury. Fortunately, it would take five from the audience, although it would still be in last position. The highlight was not the song or the scenery, as a skid in tuning has turned it into meme meat.

As for Eurovision, it was Portugal that managed to win this edition. She got the maximum points from the jury and also from the public.

As for Manel Navarro, aware of his performance and the rooster , he decided to take it with humor and share on Twitter a meme that is circulating on the network:

Even if an unwanted guest has slipped in… 🠙 „🠙„ 🠙 „

- Manel Navarro Music (@ManelNMusic) May 13, 2017

These are the best memes of Eurovision 2017 :

The rooster of Manel Navarro

Another exclusive angle of Manel Navarro's rooster in #Eurovision

- RafikiScope (@Rafibiris) May 13, 2017

THE ROOSTER. OMG the ridiculous #Eurovision

- hater gh. (@HaterGH) May 13, 2017

My new alarm clock. #Eurovision

- Elicchi 🠇 ªðŸ ‡ ¸ðŸ ‡ ªðŸ ‡ ¸ (@SoyElicchi) May 13, 2017

-What do you think of Manel's performance in #Eurovision?

- If I had gone, another rooster would sing.

- YAAAAAAS (@ alberto_vega96) May 13, 2017

Right at the end of his performance he went out of tune and that note did not go unnoticed. In a few minutes Twitter was filled with Eurovision memes, while many people thanked the festival for the best night lived on the social network.

The 5 points

Who has given us those 5 points that I see? #Eurovision

- Blue-ko (@ iironyqueen2) May 13, 2017

There was even outrage with the five points that Spain took.

The Chiquilicuatre did it better than Manel Navarro

Chiquilicuatre, 55 points - Manel Navarro, 5 #Eurovision

- Sergio (@sercanesp) May 13, 2017

The 'perrea perrea' surpassed the 'Do it for your lover'.

Manel's gesture

Manel, Europe has given you back the gesture you had with the public of Spain #Eurovision #EurovisionRtve

- Jose Fernandez (@josecfdez) May 13, 2017

Some took the opportunity to remember this gesture that Manel had with the public.

You could see it coming ...

He has gone a huge cock! 😠± 😠± 😠± 😠± 😵😵😵😵😵 #Eurovision #ESP

- Atticus Flinchy (@AtticusFlinchy) May 13, 2017

The bets placed Spain in the last position. That's how it went.

To leave with a good taste in our mouth

the only good thing about #eurovision so far

- dongsus (@kwoomini) May 13, 2017

Well that, one of the best moments of the night.