Sony MDR-XB950BT, Bluetooth mobile headphones

sony xb950bt

The Sony MDR-XB950BT headphones are intended to be combined with mobile phones. After all, music consumers are spending more and more time listening to their favorite songs from the device that goes with them all day, and that is usually mobile. They present a circumauricular design with an adjustable headband that is also padded on the inside that comes into contact with the head. They are comfortable to wear inside and outside the home. They are finished in black , with some slight details in redthat border the shells of the headphones. So that they take up less space and, above all, they are not damaged during transport, the shells can be rotated, so that they can be stored flat inside the bag or backpack.

The cushions , also padded, have a well studied shape in terms of shape and size, so that they adapt to different people. The cavity that triggers the sound into the ear is located in such a way that the ear can maintain a natural position while facilitating the arrival of the audio signal to the eardrums. They are closed and dynamic. They offer great freedom during listening sessions because they can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth , which is compatible with the A2DP profile , capable of handling stereo audio. As they are also equipped with NFC(Near Field Communication), the task of pairing the headphones with the mobile is child's play. All it takes is a single touch of the phone on the headset for a connection to take place.

sony xb950bt

In any case, the Sony MDR-XB950BT can be used with portable audio players, with computers and with hi-fi systems without the need for Bluetooth, since they come equipped with an audio cable with a length of 1.2 meters terminated in a stereo mini jack (3.5 mm). Also, thanks to the built-in microphone, these headphones can function as a hands-free Blueooth , to answer calls without having to remove the mobile from your bag or pocket. They are the brand's first Bluetooth headphones to feature a bass boost system (Extra Bass, XB). User can activate Electro Bass Booster mode, which boosts the low frequencies even more, in the style of the sound of a disco.

The frequency response , when transmitting audio over Bluetooth ranges from 20 to 20,000 hertz. Instead, the frequency range is extended when the supplied audio cable (passive mode) to 3 hertz in severe and even 28,000 hertz acute used, with sensitivity of 102 decibels. In this mode they admit a maximum input of 1.00 mW. They incorporate large 40-millimeter diameter diaphragms with neodymium magnets , which allow deep bass to be reproduced. Inside the package comes a USB cable with a micro connector with a length of half a meter. The Sony MDR-XB950BT They are distributed in stores in our country at a retail price of 180 euros.