Lenovo WRITEit 2.0 improves stylus use on Windows PCs and tablets

Lenovo Writeit

Lenovo has revamped its WRITEit application , announced last year, and provided it with new functionality that will make it easier to write on touch screens that allow the use of stylus. Lenovo Writeit 2.0 is compatible with those touch devices that have Windows 8 and Windows 10, and offers users the possibility of synchronizing with a company digital pen in order to achieve an amazing multimedia experience.

WRITEit 2.0 allows us to write any type of information in a text field, even those found in applications that do not have native support for a touch pen. The company has managed to stop writing from being limited in an app , becoming a viable option when entering data. From now on we will not only be able to write in the applications that give us the possibility to take notes or draw, we can do it in whatever we want.

Lenovo Writeit

With a stylus or with their own finger, users will be able to draw or write, to highlight a phrase, scribble or point to anything on the screen. All this in notes created by us, and also in Word documents , photographs, presentations, web pages, etc ... WRITEit 2.0 even allows us to create a blank canvas so that we can express everything we want, from notes to remember or funny drawings . With WRITEit 2.0 we can also save our creations as an image to, in this way, send them by email or share them on social networks.

As can be seen in the photograph that heads the article, we can write directly from Google's own website , once we have installed WRITEit 2.0 , entering the term we want to search for. All this without having to use the virtual keyboard, simply with the stylus. As we say, this can also be applied when we are going to write an email or send a message through any social network ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ...). Another great advantage of the new Lenovo application, is that it works in the background, so once we activate it we will not need anything more than to use our pencil. Highlight, which also offers us the possibility of correcting words that we have misspelled. WRITEit 2.0 detects the spelling errors we make, helping us to ensure that the text is as well written as possible.

The tools in the application include twelve pen colors with three different thicknesses, four highlight colors, along with an eraser. WRITEit 2.0 also has, as we say, a virtual canvas layer where anyone can write freely using a digital pen or finger. All those interested can download the application for free from here. It is available for those devices that allow the use of stylus pens and that have been upgraded to Windows 8 or Windows 10.