2019 2020 school calendar, more than 100 calendars, templates and schedules to print

2019 2020 school calendar, 100+ printable calendars, templates and schedules 1

School calendar, timetable templates, meal tables… Back to school is here . With the end of August and the uphill of September, you have to start preparing everything. And preparing it means buying the textbooks (and trying to find them at a good price), making the personalized labels with the names (or printing them at home), buying the clothes and uniforms, the shoes and, of course, the school supplies that everyone Small and large, they will need to measure up in their studies.

But beware, there is something that we do not notice until we are fully immersed in the return to classes: the school calendar and schedules . Without organization there is no worth going back to school, so let's get down to work now.

The school calendar of all the autonomous communities is now ready and in a very short time, you will find yourself caught up in the making of your children's schedules . And of course yours. Because this combining the school schedule with the extracurricular hours and your comings and goings from work is a true art on which you all depend.

castilla y leon school calendar

But let's make it a little easier for you. In this article you will find countless templates to make your 2019-2020 back to school schedules, as well as more generic calendars, schedules and tables to help in the family organization of this next course. We hope that you find the compendium useful and that your return to school will be very light.


2019 2020 school calendar for all communities

In all the autonomous communities of Spain there will be a predetermined school calendar and it will not be identical to that of the others. That is why, depending on the community you live in, you will have to download one school calendar or another. The education ministries of each territory have developed their own school calendar in graphic format, so that both students, teachers, parents can download it to print, place it on their fridge or make their own personalized calendars afterwards.

Madrid school calendar 2019 2020

Therefore, we want to share with you first the calendars that are ready to download. Some autonomous communities don't have it, so you better do it yourself . Below we will also provide templates and instructions to do so. On the other hand, we want to remind you that although these calendars are adapted to the holidays in your community, it will be necessary for you to modify them even more with the local holidays (those celebrated in each city or municipality) and the days of free disposal. who chooses each center according to its needs.

2019 aragon school calendar

If you already have it clear, let's go there with the calendars that are available (some have it specific for each province, as is the case of the first autonomous community in alphabetical order, Andalusia):

  • Andalusia 2019-20 school calendar: Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Seville.
  • Aragon 2019-20 school calendar
  • Asturias 2019-20 school calendar 
  • Balearic Islands 2019-20 school calendar
  • 2019-20 school calendar of the Canary Islands
  • Cantabria 2019-20 school calendar
  • 2019-20 school calendar for Castilla-La Mancha: Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara and Toledo
  • 2019-20 school calendar for Castilla y León
  • Catalonia 2019-20 school calendar
  • Ceuta school calendar 2019-20
  • Extremadura 2019-20 school calendar
  • Galicia 2019-20 school calendar
  • La Rioja 2019-20 school calendar
  • Melilla 2019-20 school calendar
  • Madrid 2019-20 school calendar
  • Murcia 2019-20 school calendar
  • Navarra 2019-20 school calendar
  • Basque Country 2019-20 school calendar
  • Valencian Community 2019-20 school calendar


How to create your own school calendar for the 2019-20 academic year

Due to the circumstances, you may be more interested in creating your own school calendar for the 2019-20 academic year. It is a good way to add everything you want to the different boxes yourself , including holidays, bridges, local festivals and days of free disposal of your educational center or that of your children. In fact, you will have to do the latter anyway, even if the 2019-20 school calendar is fully adapted to your autonomous community.

One of the advantages of creating your own calendar is that you can fully adjust it to your life. For example, in this you can also easily add (all through Word) the birthdays of the children or any other member of the family, the days when there are excursions or camps, the start and end date of extracurricular activities or their schedule, special parties at school, open days, the day of the theater, and so on.

In fact, you can print the template and make it every month or, if you prefer, leave all the sheets ready and then make annotations by hand, once you have the 2019-20 school calendar sheets hanging in the fridge . What we recommend, before getting down to work with the calendar, is to download the one for your autonomous community, in order to write down all the specific holidays. We want to remind you, on the other hand, that the nationals (that is, those that are common to all citizens of Spain) are the following:

  • October 12: National Holiday of Spain
  • November 1: All Saints
  • December 6: Constitution Day
  • December 8: Immaculate Conception Day
  • 25th December, Christmas
  • January 1: First day of the Year
  • January 6: Epiphany of the Lord
  • May 1: Labor Day

Then, you can download the calendar sheets for the 2019-20 school year month by month (from September 2019 to June 2020), from the WinCalendar page, a space that collects templates in Word to organize schedules and create calendars based on blank sheets. From there you just have to open them in your word processor and add the corresponding dates.

  • September 2019
  • October 2019
  • November 2019
  • Dec 2019
  • January 2020
  • February 2020
  • March 2020
  • April 2020
  • May 2020
  • June 2020


A schedule for the 2019-20 school year

If there is something difficult to square during anyone's school year (and we are not only talking about students, but also about parents) it is the schedules. It is important that the little ones are clear about the subjects and activities that they will have to do during the week and the day . To do this, we recommend creating a schedule that is valid for the entire term or the entire course (this will depend on the school level the student is in). And you can also start from scratch, using Word templates to help you in your task of organizing.

The first calendars that we recommend you download are those offered by WinCalendar. They are all from Monday to Friday, in vertical or horizontal format, and in two time options. In the first, you will see that the schedule lasts from 8 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. The second includes a 24-hour schedule, which accommodates many other activities, in addition to the school ones . In these, also in vertical or horizontal format, you can also add extracurricular activities, housework and other annotations that you want to do for your day to day. For example, Help set the table , Rehearse guitar  or  Go to yoga.

  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (in vertical format)
  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (in horizontal format)
  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Friday 24 hours a day (in vertical format)
  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Friday 24 hours a day (in horizontal format)

If any of these schedules you think will suit you, but you think you should add or subtract hours, don't worry. You can do it comfortably: it is a fully customizable Word document . In fact, you will also have the option to change colors, shading, lines, fonts, etc. to make it more pleasant and beautiful.

What do you need to include the rest of the days of the week? Don't worry, it's completely normal that you want to add it. Sometimes we also have activities on Saturdays, so if you are interested in having them all included , it would be better to download a schedule from Monday to Saturday or even Monday to Sunday. These are also available in portrait and landscape format.

  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (in vertical format)
  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (in horizontal format)
  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Saturday 24 hours a day (in vertical format)
  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Saturday 24 hours a day (in horizontal format)
  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (in vertical format)
  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (in horizontal format)
  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day (in vertical format)
  • Weekly schedule from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day (in horizontal format)


Microsoft Word or Excel timetable templates

Did you know that Microsoft offers its users an interesting repository of templates of all kinds? We refer to postcards, calendars or even greetings, as well as posters, brochures, presentations and all kinds of documents, available in template format, and perfectly modifiable through Word or Excel , which are the header editors of Microsoft Office.

If the previous templates have seemed too serious (although, remember that you can always modify them to your liking), you can take a look at the collection of templates for schedules that Microsoft has available online.

We have a very simple schedule for courses or classes (also for university students), a schedule of classes per semester (although later you can modify it at will to extend it throughout the year or shorten it for a quarter), a super complete student calendar with space for annotations, weekly schedule, monthly calendar and homework space, a schedule for planning university studies, a system for scheduling daily work, an annual calendar for the entire course, another school calendar with tabs for the twelve months of the year, a monthly page for the schedule, a weekly scheduling system with the students 'schedule, a homework calendar, a schedule for classes (by hours), another schedule to organize the students' homework,an academic calendar sheet for each month and a schedule to schedule all work for the week.

You may find more interesting templates on this page . Just type in the keywords that you think will help you, such as 'timetable', 'homework organizer', 'course calendar', 'school timetable'. You will see that there are many more options that you can take advantage of to edit both in Excel and in Word.


Schedule images to download and print

Did you like the previous templates that we have recommended? The answer may be no, either because you find them too serious, or because you don't have the option or the knowledge to modify them. Be that as it may, another interesting option is to download timetable images .

They are templates, but you have to modify them by hand. Although if you have enough skill and a good image editing program (you don't need to do fancy stuff either) you can also edit your schedule directly from your computer . From there, you can print it and hang it on the cork in your kitchen or in the fridge itself.

The first schedule that we propose is very simple. It is made with black lines on a white background , although it includes some elements that make it a bit more scholarly and fun, such as a pencil or drawn calendar pages. This other one is simple too, but it's done in soft, delicate shades of pink and gray. In addition, it includes enough space to add the subjects of the whole day and some extra tasks.

If you are looking for schedules that, in addition to being schedules, are beautiful (this is much appreciated in the day-to-day routine) you can choose this first, with flowers, or this other, which despite being made with paint scribbles, results from the more precious to look at, spacious and useful for the whole week.

We especially like this one because, in addition to having space for school hours, it has a column on the left arranged there for notes , and a space at the bottom, where students can write down the extracurricular activities they must do. .


Lovers of fun things are sure to be missing a little more color in all this school organization. Well, we have something interesting: a printable schedule template that evokes the pastel colors (pink, blue and white) of ice cream stands.

We have located schedules with wild motifs, templates with schedules full of hearts (ideal for students in love ), others with very pink touches and some that seem especially designed for lovers of any type of sport in general.

Nursery and primary school students can find in this other a fun space to organize. This timetable template is also valid for all courses and years, but above can be customized for each of them. This one is super colorful, includes drawings and even a background that looks like a school notebook .

This is great for people who want to start the course on the right foot (and with a nice schedule), because in addition to being finite and clear, it has a lot of space to make all kinds of annotations , and not just subjects, as well as a couple of very zen cactus drawings.


This other proposal is much simpler, but of very good quality (you will see the image as soon as you download it). There is plenty of space and it can be customized to the student's needs. Here you will surely have no shortage of lines. But if you prefer a clean schedule, without drawings, colors or complications, you have another option: this schedule template is simple and has no frills. You can use it to set up your daily tasks from Monday to Friday.

This printable schedule is also made in very pastel colors and is especially useful for schools because it includes space for recess and lunch. If you want to give color and life to your daily days, perhaps this other template will convince you more, with red and white polka dots and lots of hearts.


We really liked this other one, which seems designed for a nursery school or for lovers of the classic. You will see that the little text that there is is in linked letter and that the drawings are very twenties. The truth is that it is beautiful . If you like, you can also download this other model, which is very similar but in blue tones and the drawing of a plane and a stroller. If you prefer more graphic things , very much like Mr. Wonderful, here is another weekly calendar in which you can include everything you do from Monday to Friday and even during the weekend.

We end with a list of tasks that we especially liked, since you can take advantage of it for several days, weeks or even months. On a single page, there is plenty of room for tasks, which you can then mark as done or done with a tick .

Peppa Pig

Coloring schedules and cartoon characters

Before starting the course, an activity that you can do with the children to prepare for the return to class is to make their schedule with them . It can be a fun activity if you do it with love and love. To make it a little easier for you, we have looked for a collection of ready-to-print timetable templates, which they can customize themselves by painting, because they include drawings specially designed for this.

This first schedule includes colors and brushes, but you have them with a lot of puppies and bones (ideal for lovers of these animals ), with lions, giraffes, monkeys and other jungle animals, with some very applied bunnies, with balls of the world and other school utensils, with two very nice children, with countless very funny animals, with dinosaurs, with a group of very happy and diligent children and even a robot on whose belly you can draw your schedule.

2019 2020 school calendar, 100+ printable calendars, templates and schedules 2

If you want, you can also take a look at these other timetable templates for the 2019-20 school year, in which the little ones' favorite cartoon characters appear . In this way, classes are sure to start with all the necessary excitement and enthusiasm. with the characters from Monster High and with the protagonists of Phineas and Pherb. We have also found Harry Potter, Hello Kitty and Miffy together at school. Peppa Pig, the characters from The Paw Patrol, the Simpsons, Pocoyo, Mickey Mouse or Winnie The Pooh could not be missing in this selection.

2019-20 course task list

Templates to organize your tasks in the 2019-20 academic year

The schedules may not be useful enough to collect all the activities that you are going to do in this next 2019-20 school year. If you don't have an agenda or you want to use some other system to write down the tasks of the whole family, it might be interesting to use a template to organize tasks . Here is a first image that you can download and that will help you organize everything in three columns.

This page includes enough space to write down everything you need , as well as an urgent tasks section, so that the most important things do not miss you. If you want you can print two pages in one, to make better use of the paper.

Here, in addition to writing down your pending tasks - and those of the whole family - you can make a shopping list, write down a birthday so you don't forget it, doctor's appointments and any other important matter that you shouldn't forget . Then you can print as many pages as you want, to always have space in which to write down your pending tasks and always have them hanging in the refrigerator or on the cork in the kitchen.

pending tasks

Here is another page to make very nice notes, which imitates a notebook of a lifetime and includes a beautiful drawing of a bee. What we would do with this page is to print many, to always have them ready to write any note on pending tasks.

We have found a page to write down the pending tasks very fun, in which in addition to writing down the things you have to do, you can write down a deadline to carry them out , indicate if they are important or if someone pressures you to do them. The sheet is made in a joking tone, but the truth is that a little humor does not hurt every day.

weekly menu

A weekly schedule or menu for meals

Another thing that you will have to organize for the next school year are the menus . Especially if you are the one who prepares the meals, both at noon and at night. Having everything clear on paper will help you, not only to stop improvising, but to have your weekly or even monthly purchases well organized.

Let's look at a first template for the weekly menu, drawn with black lines on a white background, wide enough to add all the dishes, for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner from Monday to Sunday.

But we've found other cool and fun downloadable menu templates . This is a very good quality image, designed in pastel colors and with plenty of space to add everything you need. You have another in light blue and fuchsia, a very graphic and clear weekly menu and another that includes space to do the weekly shopping. If you are going to change the menu every week, it may be interesting to use this same template to make the shopping list necessary to prepare those dishes, so you will have to print a few sheets.

This other colorful and patterned planner is perfect for fun people. We finish with another very practical one, which is specially designed for vegetarians and vegans, but which can actually be great for any family with the desire (and need) to organize.