Oregon Smart Dynamo, smart bracelet

oregon smart dynamo

It is almost spring and summer is just around the corner. Many are about to embark on "bikini operation." Not everyone has the time - or the desire - to join a gym. Making a little effort during daily life can be enough to keep fit. Smart bracelets can help you know the level of activity developed during each day. This is the case of the Oregon Smart Dynamo , a bracelet with an adjustable band that is comfortable enough to be worn all day, even at bedtime. It is made of silicone and is available in various colors: blue, white or black . It is quite light and its unisex design fits most users.

It records all the daily activity of the person who carries it; That includes the distance traveled and the steps taken throughout the day. In addition, it calculates the number of calories burned by the user. And during the night, it tracks your rest periods and also your actual sleep time . You can store the data for twenty-four hours a day for a period of fourteen days. The design of this Oregon bracelet is pretty simple, but it does the job. Report the level of activity in a very simple way. It is possible to check it through a luminous indicator by means of LED.

oregon smart dynamo

The light bracelet Smart Dynamo of Oregon Scientific changes color depending on the state. A blue light shows that the day's goal has already been completed, for example, the half hour set for each day. A green light shows that the activity carried out is moderate, although the pre-set goal has not yet been achieved. The yellow is indicative of low activity, while bright red implies that the user has been inactive. The bracelet can also be synchronized with a smartphone , just install the free applicationsoffered by the manufacturer. They facilitate the consultation of all the registered data and verify if the objectives have been met.

These applications are available for Android in the Google Play store at this link, and also for iOS within iTunes at this other . In the case of the Google operating system, it is compatible with mobile devices with Android 4.3 or later versions. It also works with the iPhone , the fifth generation iPod Touch and the third generation iPad , in short, with any iOS 5.0 deviceor higher. The application allows you to set activity goals for each day. It also serves to share activity levels with friends.

The bracelet, by the way, communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth . It incorporates a rechargeable battery, which takes an hour to get a full charge. It is possible to find the Oregon Smart Dynamo available in stores in our country at a retail price of 80 euros.