Pepper Panic Saga now also on Facebook

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If you didn't get caught by Candy Crush Saga , it sure did Pepper Panic Saga . But if by chance you miraculously got rid of trying it one day and becoming fond of this addictive game, now you have no escape: because it comes to Facebook . Like good games of this type, its mechanics are very simplebut, within that facility hides an important difficulty. Your game board is a garden full of vegetables, well, peppers of various colors. You have to swap their positions to align them and thus get a "combo", which has as a result that the line of peppers of the same color becomes one but larger. When one of these vegetables can no longer grow any more, it explodes and gives you many points. Simple, right?

Well, imagine that to all this we add that the real objective is to advance through the different levels and that, for this, what will help you is to cause chain reactions of exploding peppers to further increase the score obtained. It seems simple and even a bit simple. Well, wait to try it and after a while you will be going through rows and columns of your virtual garden looking for that “barter” of peppers that will make you get the maximum points in a maneuver of several steps.

Ah! and to animate things you have a limited number of movements and you play against a clock that counts down the seconds. They are the necessary ingredients so that, shortly after starting your first game, the rest of the world has gone into the background and your immediate (and only!) Objectives are the peppers from the garden.

Pepper Panic Saga

If, inexplicably, you did not fall into Candy Crush Saga or Pepper Panic Saga as independent games through their website, you should know that, when you visit Facebook , they will be waiting for you with open arms. The medium-term objective of this game is for the puppy Pepper Puppy , who is very fond of this type of hot pepper, progresses through the different levels and reaches Squawker's Island . An antagonist of the puppy, the cat Mister Claws , has been included in the Facebook version to expand the possibilities of the game mechanics. And the fun will last long, because there is nothing less than70 levels spread over five different episodes .

Pepper Panic Saga map

Personally, I am not a fan of this type of game but I must admit that, after a few games of Pepper Panic Saga, I see them with different eyes. It's very easy to fit " casual gaming " into your life, no matter how tight your schedule is. They are games that you learn to play in a couple of minutes , whose games last that, a few minutes, and that you can take and leave for later at any time.

Casual games do not require the involvement of other more complex video games, whose games last for hours and that require you to forget whatever else you are doing to take them very seriously. Games like Candy Pepper Saga fill a very interesting gap and, of all of them, the ones on are… (let me do the pun you are crying out for) the kings!