Universal Mobile Keyboard, Microsoft's multi-device keyboard


Microsoft has introduced the Universal Mobile Keyboard , a good option for those who are looking for a lightweight, versatile keyboard that works for both smartphones and tablets . Thanks to it, it will be much easier to send e-mails, edit documents or surf the Internet from any terminal to which you connect it.

One of the best features of this accessory is that it is compatible with iOS , the operating system for Apple tablets and smartphones , Android , Google , and Windows tablets . However, the most curious thing is that this device  does not work with phones that have Windows Phone , the brand's phone software. Our theory is that, as  the company intends to unify all the platforms it currently has into one, it has not found it profitable. Despite this, it is still quite strange.

The Universal Mobile Keyboard comes with a cover that, in addition to protecting the keyboard, allows it to be connected and disconnected according to the user's preference. In this way, the owners of this device only have to open this extra protection to turn it on and, later, use it as an additional support for their smarthone or tablet. This equipment supports devices of ten millimeters or less so, before buying it, you should check the thickness of your terminal.


Also, the gadget allows you to connect up to three devices at the same time and is equipped with a switch to toggle one operating system and another. In this way, we  would avoid having to connect and disconnect a terminal depending on the platform we want to use at that time. Of course, it seems that  it will not be possible to pair the equipment with more than two devices that have the same software .

In addition to all these features, the equipment incorporates Bluetooth technology so that you can synchronize it with your equipment, as well as a direct access button to the Home screen compatible with the three previously mentioned platforms. The Redmond company ensures that the accessory will have an autonomy of six months with a single night of charge , a not inconsiderable amount.

Continuing this theme, the user will always know how much time energy you have left thanks to an indicator of battery status and, if you need to use the immediate device, you can enjoy up to eight hours of battery life with just load it for ten minutes . The keyboard was already presented a few months ago in the  United States , but it  will arrive in Spain in December for a price of 80 euros .

To complete the experience of using the gadget, the company has also presented the Arc Touch Mouse Bluetooth , a wireless mouse that works with a distance of up to nine meters . The device curves to turn on and flattens out to turn off. Furthermore, it is designed with a curvature to conform to the shape of the hand. The peripheral can be purchased for 55 euros .