7 text editors to work online for free

7 text editors to work online for free

Until a few years ago, the only way to write our documents in a comfortable and editable way was to use Word. The Microsoft Office word processor was, and still is, an essential tool for most computer users .

But times have changed. And even the Microsoft team itself has had to recycle. Hence, it has released a new tool for online editing, which is Office 365 . Before, Google had already surprised us with Google Docs, a document editing system in the cloud with which we can manage documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

However, the network is full of text editors to work online for free . With them you will be able to edit from any computer, without the need to have any installed program or license to date. Next, we propose 7 text editors to work online for free, very useful for your day to day.


1. Authorea

I am sure that one of the reasons why you are interested in working in the cloud has to do with the possibilities of collaborating with others . If you manage documents remotely and you want everyone to be able to make changes at any time, Google Docs will not come to you.

But if you are looking for an alternative tool, here is Authorea.  This system focuses on the collaborative issue, so that as soon as you start, you will be able to invite another person so that they can edit your same documents.

Authorea has a clean and minimalist design , with all the functions one can expect from an online editor. Despite being free, it requires registration, so you will have to follow the process. Luckily, it only takes a few seconds.

zen pen

2. ZenPen

If you are easily distracted, you have different options online. ZenPen, in particular, we found it very interesting. It is a text editor that you can easily handle online. You don't have to register: just write . When you access the page, you will see that what is offered is a space to edit. Nothing else.

You will find a starting text that explains what ZenPen is. The first thing you have to do (after reading it, if you want) is to start editing. Delete the text and start writing . As simple as that. You can configure the full screen and see what it is like to write without distractions.

If you wonder about the editing tools, you should know that in this sense you will have the basics. You can include bold and italics . Also work with a black background. Everything will depend on the user's taste.


3. typWrittr

The terror of the blank page. One of the worst things that can happen to a writer. If you're not willing to go through that and you also dedicate yourself to writing fiction, your new favorite text editor might be called typWrittr. Why? Well, because it is an online tool that, in addition to eliminating distractions , wants to keep us inspired.

How? Very easy. You will first have to register. If you don't want to do it via email, you can also log in with your Facebook, Google or Twitter data . Accept the permissions and give it to continue to access the guts of the editor.

You can activate the full screen mode (which will eliminate distractions at the root). This is very useful to stop reading useless notifications and focus on what really matters: writing. Once inside, you can modify the background, colors and many other details.

The feeling is very nice. Too bad with free registration you only have 20 days to try it out . If you like it, after that period you will have to scratch your pocket.


4. Hemingway

If you like practical and simple things, Hemingway may be very successful for you . It is about an editor who appears dressed in white and does not have too many flourishes. Despite that, it is a practical and complete tool, with everything you need to edit a document properly.

Best of all, no registration is required. As with ZenPen, all you have to do is open the page and start typing . However, Hemingway has a very important addition, compared to the rest of the editors.

And it is that in addition to helping us to type a text, the tool also deals with analyzing the document. It tells us the level of readability and gives us recommendations to, for example, not abuse adverbs or other types of words. It also gives us indications on the clarity of the text and other crucial issues so that our words are understood perfectly.


5. Writer

Attention, retro lovers: here is the editor you have been waiting for. Writer takes a bit of inspiration from the old MS-DOS operating system , so if you're a few years old, you'll really appreciate it. Or not. Keep in mind that with Writer you will have to write on top of a page in black and with fluorescent type.

The good thing about all this is that you will not have distractions. You can edit the text with peace of mind and then export it wherever you want. Its operation is agile, but before you start using it you will have to register. It is a sine qua non condition. It includes different tools to export to other services and even print directly from here.


6. Draft

As you can see, good online publishers prioritize a couple of things. The first, that the user can work without distractions. Or with less than usual. The second, that you can collaborate with other people . And the latter is precisely based on Draft.

It may seem a bit strange at first, but as soon as you get used to it, you will see that it does not. As soon as you access Draft you will find a long list of tips and instructions . Then, to create your first document you will have to register. The user interface is clean and clear.

You can write without problems and edit what you need. Then you can also share and cooperate with other users to gradually modify the document you have in hand. It includes many professional options, so if you have experience with online publishers, Draft may be the best option.


7. StackEdit

And finally, let's look at an editor called StackEdit, which will come in handy for everyone who wants to publish in other media, such as WordPress or Blogger. With, it must be said, direct syncing to cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

The tool is well designed, has a minimalist touch and allows us to enter text in a very comfortable way. Best of all, this editor will directly save everything you have inserted. So when you open the browser again, there you will find everything you had done before.